Fish Oil Supplements May Prevent Respiratory Issues – Research Shows

Fish Oil Supplements May Prevent Respiratory Issues – Research Shows
Around twenty-four million of the people in the United States have diagnosed asthma symptoms today. It is among one of the most common health conditions currently. Asthma causes wheezing, difficulty in breathing, and coughing.
 You can get a serious asthma attack due to a whole variety of reasons. In the usual cases, an irritant enters the body and affects the air passageways and the immune system. This leads to a full-on asthma attack.
 According to the statistics, around two million asthma patients are in emergency rooms. This happens after a severe asthma attack.
The rising cases of asthma leave most of the people thinking that it is an unavoidable condition. However, a recent Danish study published in The New England Journal of Medicine found that taking fish oil can help with avoiding asthma development in the future.

How Was The Study Conducted?

The study concluded that taking fish oil capsules in the final three months of pregnancy is good. It can reduce the child’s risk of having asthma by one-third. Fish oil might .be the future natural remedy for treating asthma!
 The study looked at women who were 24 weeks pregnant. These women had 2.4 grams of fish oil in their diet as well as the ones who had an olive oil placebo. These women also followed taking the capsules for around three years after birth.
 Out of the observed women, around a quarter of the mothers and about one-fifth of the fathers had symptoms of asthma. Both of the groups had an equal number of such parents in them. The main focus o the study was whether the fish oil improved wheezing or coughing.

What Did the Study Found About Asthma?

After three years, only about 16.9 percent of the mothers who were taking fish oil had asthma symptoms. On the other hand, 23.7 percent of the mothers who were taking olive oil had signs of asthma.
 No negative effects were seen on the children from either of the groups. The women who received the most benefits were the ones who had low levels of lipids in their blood. At the starting of the study, they had fish oil to improve them.
 The study got lauded by National Institute of Health for its design and performance. The study also paved the way for doctors to adopt a precision medicine approach. In this way, they will be able to recommend fish oil to the women who need it the most.

Should You Consider Taking Fish Oil Capsules? 

 Even though the study highlighted the positive effects of taking fish oil, one should be careful. This means that you should start taking fish oil pills on your own. Doing anything without asking a doctor is not good especially during pregnancy.
 It should be noted that the amount of fish oil given to the women in the study was much higher. It was even more than what health professionals suggest on a regular basis.
 Secondly, it was a Danish study that observed Danish women. The effects on people from other countries may be different because of diets. Danish people have a higher amount of Omega-3 fatty acids in their diet due to high consumption of fish. This means the women were taking a lot of fish oil nutrient on a daily basis.
 On the topic of fish, pregnant women are also not allowed all types of fish. For example, pregnant women are advised not to take certain fish types. This includes tuna due to the mercury levels present in it that can harmful for both the baby and the mother.
 The most interesting impact of taking fish oil was on the women who had low blood levels of DHA and EPA. They were the ones who benefited the most from it.
 These acids can be obtained from another acid present in plant-based food. Some of the people are not able to convert the acid obtained from the acid in foods to EPA and DHA. For them, diets cannot help in the low blood levels of lipids in their blood.

What Are the Problems With the Study?

Taking fish oil for these people can bring great health benefits. They are especially for women during pregnancy.
 At the moment, further research is required to check the effects of different doses of fish oil. It is also not confirmed whether or not they are helpful in the same way. This is why most of the researchers do not suggest a high dose of fish oil to pregnant women for the time being.
 If you are not pregnant and are considering taking fish oil capsules, you should consult your doctor and take the recommended dose.
Fish oil has not shown any negative impacts on a person if taken in the suggested amount. Taking fish oil capsules can provide you with nutrients that your body cannot produce naturally. These may also boost your general health by strengthening immunity and reducing inflammation.
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