United Nation Celebrated World Food Safety Day for the First Time

United Nation Celebrated World Food Safety Day for the First Time

From 2019 onwards, June 7 will be celebrated as the World Food Safety Day to highlight the importance of getting safe and good quality food in our bodies. Our bodies are what we eat if we are not eating quality food our bodies are bound to deteriorate.

In the reaction to the UN General Assembly’s adoption of this resolution, Tom Heilandt, the Codex Secretary said that this day will give us a moment to think and realize what we are getting in our bodies.

Moreover, WHO mentions in its report that it is a big cause of a huge number of people to fall sick and sometimes causing death.

According to an estimate, over 600 million fall prey to different sicknesses because of eating expired or low-quality food. 420,000 deaths have been reported that were caused by eating food that carried different, contagious bacteria, viruses and harmful chemical infections.

What could be the consequences of using unsafe food?

This day provides the masses with the opportunity to give a thought to what unsafe food is doing to public health. 1 out of every 10 people is affected by the consumption of unsafe food. 125,000 children, who are yet under the age of 3 years die because of eating unhealthy, expired and contaminated food.

It not only affects the health but consumption of unsafe food items have impacts on economic development, agriculture, tourism, market access, and sustainable development.

The economic prosperity of any country relays greatly on the well-being of its people. A strong human capital represents a strong country. For any country to have strong human capital, they need people who are mentally and physically fit. It is estimated that around $US 95 billion is lost in developing and undeveloped countries, due to food-related health issues of their workers.

There are 17 sustainable development goals of the UN, which they want to achieve by the year 2030. These are the goals which need to be achieved in order to eliminate the world’s most urgent emergencies. Many of the goals are liked by the elimination of unsafe food. If we could control what food we eat we will move closer to these goals.

What role could we play to ensure food safety?

On the occasion of World Food Safety Day UN has also suggested concerning the theme of the day. FAO and WHO have worked in collaboration to drive a plan for effectively reducing the consumption of unsafe food.

They have asked the people and Government to work together and team up. The role of the Government is to ensure that what people are eating safely to eat. New agricultural procedures are taught to the farmers so that they grow safe food which will lead to the production of healthy food. People need to check before buying if what they are eating passes all the safety test to be ingested.

It is hoped by allotting a whole day to the theme of safe food will bring about desired results and the atrocities due to unsafe food will decrease.


The author is a Medical Microbiologist and healthcare writer. She is a post-graduate of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. She covers all content on health and wellness including weight loss, nutrition, and general health. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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