Red Meats May Lead To Development Of Dementia – Research Shows

Red Meats May Lead To Development Of Dementia – Research Shows

Some of the prevalent health conditions around the world today are not taken seriously by people today even though they have been seen to cause a big a number of deaths simply because their portrayal is not as strong as other conditions such as cancer.

In addition, a person is likely to see various advertisements and campaigns about different types of cancer in comparison with other health conditions which can be equally and need as much awareness too.

There are many health conditions that lead to a high number of deaths in the world as well as in the United States including Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, the disease is the sixth biggest cause of death in the United States alone.

Alzheimer’s disease has recently been observed to be on the rise. In accordance with the studies, one person is detected with the chance of having Alzheimer’s every 66 seconds. This is a great number and particularly concerning.

What Does Research On Alzheimer’s Say?

Previously, the health condition was not as popular and was only detected in the older adult age group. Today, the risk of developing Alzheimer’s has gone up significantly in people because of its link with many different factors.

Even though Alzheimer’s has become one of the main health concerns in the US and in the Western world, there is still no treatment available that can effectively cure health issues.

However, the increase in the number of studies on Alzheimer’s disease, its treatment, preventions, and management has led to the researchers finding different ways to control it as well as decrease the chances of having it.

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One of the main findings of the studies on various aspects of dementia and Alzheimer’s was the effect of diets on the chances, prevention, and intensity of the disease. In accordance with the conclusion of many studies, diet can be of great importance when managing Alzheimer’s.

What Effects Does Diet Have?

The latest research on the link between Alzheimer’s disease and diets has shown that the common western diets or the Standard American diets can elevate the risk of developing the health condition in people.

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The study looked at and compared the diets of people from nine countries including Chile, Mongolia, Brazil, Cuba, and others and found that the population of United States has four times higher chance of having Alzheimer’s than any other country.

This is because the American Standard Diets are filled with the foods that are considered worst for someone with Alzheimer’s such as high-fat, meats, and sugary foods. Certain foods do increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and many other problems including cancer.

A good example of how foods can affect the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease is the recent western touch in Japanese diets and rise in the percentage of people having the health condition. Alzheimer’s rates in Japan increased from 1% in 1985 to 7% in 2008.

Which Foods Increase the Risk?

There are some specific foods that the patients with the disease are told to stay away from to avoid increasing the intensity of the issue. The very same foods are also responsible for the disease in the first place.

Majority of the foods that are included in the list are the ones which are recommended to be avoided generally by health professionals. One of the main foods to be avoided is red meat.

Red meats have been observed to have an effect on brain function, cognition, and memory. Consuming red meats, especially the low-quality and farmed meat can greatly increase the chances of having dementia.

Although red meats are a good source of many nutrients including protein, recent studies on them suggest that most of the red meat found in stores are low in nutritional and high in harmful substances instead.

It is better to keep its consumption as low as possible and choosing the grass-fed, organic meat over the processed and farm-raised meats.

Which Foods Can Help?

Some foods like the ones mentioned above can cause Alzheimer’s while others can help a person avoid it and manage it effectively. Patients of Alzheimer’s are often advised to have nuts, fruits, wild-caught fish, vegetables, in their diets.

Following a Mediterranean style diet can do wonders when it comes to controlling the disease as well as lowering the risk for it through just everyday intake of food as it is filled with brain-boosters and as well as healthy fats such as nuts, leafy greens, avocados, and olive oil.

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Another plus point of following such a diet is the risk of diseases because of poor intake will be greatly decreased. A person having a healthy Mediterranean diet will also not face the problem of obesity and related issues because of their diet.

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