Apple’s New Update Affecting Period-Tracking Startups

Apple’s New Update Affecting Period-Tracking Startups

Multiple period-tracking apps are there in the market. They are effective to help women in not only keeping a track of menstrual cycles but improving health and hygiene conditions for women. A number of period-tracking startup companies like Ovia, Clue, Glow, Natural cycles and Flo Health are working for this cause. After, IOS announced the release of this new feature in their devices, most of these startups seem keenly looking forward to the investment of this trillion dollar company.

Apple has a reputation for entertaining its users with innovative modifications in its operating system as well as the outlook. In their recent World Wide Development Conference (WWDC), they talked about taking the initiative of tracking menstruation and fertility through IOS. This has stirred the startups looking forward to venturing capitals.

Why the startups are looking forward to it?

The CEOs of these companies are quite enthusiastic about this proposition made by apple. The CEO of and co-sponsor of Clue, Ida Tin has appreciated this announcement by saying that Apple’s interest in improving its period tracking techniques. She has also added that how Clue is the leading promoter for women health and hygiene. She also backed up her statement by providing the factual figures of her users, who have been loyal to Clue for quite a time now.

The founder of Clue’s leading rival company, Flo Heath, has also commented on this initiative. Kate Romanovskaia also acclaimed Apple’s entry in this bracket. She also said that the entry of this giant company in the market will appreciate more women to take care of their menstrual health and globalize the trend of period tracking applications.

The startups are very keen about this advancement made by IOS as Apple has previously tried to enter this regime. That menstrual tracking proved to be a mismanaged and misconducted launch in the past. The user interface was not very friendly and users described the application as crooked and wonky to use. These period tracking startups are looking at it a very big opportunity to assist an already established company in this domain. Moreover, they have already established companies with many loyal users all over the world, this initiative will help them expand their business.

What trick Apple has up its sleeve?

Despite its bungled launch of Period tracking system in the past, Apple still has some tricks up its sleeve that can be used by while choosing the startup company. It is already a well-known company which is worth trillions of dollars. It has an established name and trusts globally among its users. Thus, IOS doesn’t need to earn money off this launch. The purpose of this launch is to help and connect to their worldwide female buyers.

Due to this advantage, the company is not desperate it choosing the startup. They can avoid the companies who are sharing or have shared the personal data of their user with the third party or investors. This because not any of the period tracking applications are meant to meet the privacy standards medical professionals provide. It is up to Apple to choose a periods-tracking startup while keeping in view its privacy policy.


The author is a Medical Microbiologist and healthcare writer. She is a post-graduate of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. She covers all content on health and wellness including weight loss, nutrition, and general health. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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