Military Crackdown Causing Health Emergency in Sudan 

 Military Crackdown Causing Health Emergency in Sudan 

The military took over Sudan in April, after removing the tyrant who was the elected president for a long time. The military promised to give power to civilians after conducting elections yet had been unable to do so.

Recently, they launched a crackdown against the ongoing civil disobedience moment going in the country. Young boys had set up barriers and obstacles on the roads of Khartoum in protest against military rule. Military launched the crackdown to disperse the crowd in the center.

According to the reports of the doctors, four to five people were killed on the first day of the crackdown. Since then the number has kept on increasing. In the recent press report of the UN, they have shown their concerns regarding this brutal conduct, that can’t be justified under any court of law.

The World Health Organization says that the military is attacking and invading the health centers and hospitals. They are ceasing the operation of emergency and health services in the hospitals. After hospitals are non-functional in Khartoum, the tent clinics are abolished too.

The local authorities set them up with the medical professionals to tend to the injured and wounded protesters. However, they were burnt down by the security forces. Medical apparatus has been plundered, and the health care providers are being assaulted as well. Even, some of the female staff has been raped by military officials.

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) earlier known by the name of Janjaweed militia, was already ill-famed in Sudan for different atrocities are now causing mass killing, arrest, and abduction of civilians. Local reports believe  103 people to be killed in this current week by Rapid Support Force.

The dead bodies are disposed-off in the river, a count of 40 dead bodies has been given that were pulled out of Neil River. People of multiple professions have been arrested from their houses. Women arrested by them have reported of swear beatings, who so ever is not killed gets brutally assaulted and beaten.

Doctors, medical experts, and other professionals are threatened by death penalties’. Other victims of these adverse circumstances have complained that they were made to drink sewage water and were urinated upon by the security forces who were sent to disperse them.

Furthermore, the country has been hurled into a communication blackout. The health conditions are made worst in the country, by targeting the health officials, so that people or protesters don’t get the treatment they need in these hard times with no hospitals to deal with such emergencies, civilians i.e. will be forced to back out from these protests and civil disobedience. World Health Organization has called it the unacceptable transgression of international human rights.

After seeing the worsening conditions of Sudan, the African Union has suspended its membership and warned the military Government of Further actions if proper action is not taken and the Governance is not returned to the civilians.


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