Know About a Doctor who is drawing fake health-news from social media 

Know About a Doctor who is drawing fake health-news from social media 

In the current era of globalization, almost every person has exposure to social media. While social media has a significant role in public awareness, it may also bring some evils with it. For example, an unauthorized person can voice his opinion on every matter. Now the problem arises when these “opinions” are made on serious subjects i.e. human health.

Ideally, health, research, and medical topics should only be commented on by authorized and experts of that very field. This is where Doctor Austin Chiang comes in, he is a medical doctor; with a temperament of a social media influencer.

He has taken the responsibility upon his shoulders to work in collaboration with other medical experts to make social media fake health measure and raise awareness in people. This Harvard trained Gastroenterologist is active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and as well as on Instagram under the name of GI Doctor. He has a huge number of follower which shows how his posts are influencing people.

What triggered him to do this?

His concern is the social media is full of fake health news with which the teenagers of this era can relate to and thus might end up doing as told in these post without considering how harmful it could be for their health. He has observed in his data collection and surveys on social media that people are inclined towards pages like “Medical Medium” where treatment for every mental and physical disorder, without any authentic research.

There are psychics, babbling about diagnostic procedures which have never been tested. Many anti-vaccination campaigns have been seen launching on social media. An effect of which can be seen as an increased number of cases of measles and viral diseases being reported. The medical professional blame it on the parents of children refusing to get their children vaccines.

What to expect next?

Dr.Chiang has joined this unique job of Medical Social Media Officer after going through a series of discussions with Health System’s CEO Mr. Klasko. Austin believes it is the dire need of time for the professional health and medical experts to be on social media.

He is convincing an army of doctors, nurses, advocates, and other professionals to join social applications. He says most doctors and researchers are hesitant to join and promote their work on social media, as they consider it a waste of time.

They stick to publishing their work in scientific journals and having discussions’ with their colleagues. However, the common man never excesses this scientific literature, thus the authentic remains within a closed circle of people. While false procedures are blindly being followed.

He has chosen this platform, so the majority could be in his grasp. He has also initiated some hashtag-driven campaigns. For example campaigns like that of “verifyhealthcare” and “dontgoviral” were started by him. He is working with Jefferson’s to bring his vision to reality.

He is still far from totally eliminating this evil from social applications. But he believes to make social media soon free of all the fake health news. The plan is to recruit more people from the medical profession to social media to work on this cause and prevent misinformation to spread in society.


The author is a Medical Microbiologist and healthcare writer. She is a post-graduate of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. She covers all content on health and wellness including weight loss, nutrition, and general health. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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