Relieving Stress Is a Part Of Fitness – Research Shows

Relieving Stress Is a Part Of Fitness – Research Shows

In recent years, science has proven that each one of the billions of cells in the body is either in growth mode or in stress mode. Internal fear and stress play a role when it comes to both mental and physical health issues.

New studies conducted on stress have shown that fear is programmed into each person at the cellular level. They have also answered the question as to why all of us are not able to change and control our stress actions with willpower.

Research from Stanford and Harvard has highlighted that impact of stress on the body. Not only do high levels of stress make it hard to be positive or happy but also increase the chances of health conditions that occur as a result of perpetual depression.

When the cells are in stress mode instead of growth mode, they are unable to absorb nutrition, energy, and oxygen. They are also not able to perform fundamental cellular functions such as releasing toxins and harmful wastes and reproducing.

In this condition, the cell is also likely to manifest into a disease gene and be the reason behind a number of health conditions ranging from high depression and anxiety to high blood pressure, poor digestion, and insomnia.

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What Is the Link between Stress and Food Consumption?

The system that is affected by stress before any other is the digestive system. Firstly, no matter how much you eat or even overdose on some nutrients, the cells are not able to absorb it in stress mode no matter how much they need it.

These cells in stress mode can also cause food cravings, hence, if you feel the need to eat your favorite dessert or junk food, you are not alone. Drinking excess alcohol or resorting to drugs is also common effects of stress.

Thirdly, the increased levels of cortisol or what is better known as the stress hormone is the reason for many changes in the body. It affects chemical and emotion imbalance. It can also affect your metabolism and cause more fat to be stored instead of being used.


What if you stay fit and have a tough routine?

Many of the people who are very strict with their diets and fitness routines face health issues even though they have active lifestyles and fulfill their nutritional needs. The likely cause of bad health in these people is usually high levels of stress.

If you want to maintain your health or shift to a healthier lifestyle but are unable to do so, it can also be due to stress!

Stress impairs memory, makes it difficult to concentrate, and decreases motivation to do pretty much anything greatly.

You might have noticed that even the simplest things become tiresome and difficult when you are under stress. It is indeed because you are de-motivated and would prefer skipping any activity that requires too much effort like every other person.

Taking a lot of stress can affect motor coordination and skills. You are probably not going to enjoy work out or would not be able to reach your fitness goals for the day because of being under constant stress.

In accordance with the researchers, among the people who started the same fitness routines at the same were, the people who had high levels of stress did not have the fitness progress as the rest of the individuals.

Additionally, the muscle recovery and growth were also seen to be halted in stressed individuals and more than half of them suffered injuries due to either lack of concentration or inability to perform advanced exercises with the rest of the people.

The conclusion of the study was that high levels of stress can indeed affect your fitness. While it might not make your workout completely useless, it can slow it down greatly, and increase the risk of injury at the gym.

How Can This Problem Be Cured? 

The cause of stress can vary from person to person as everyone has their own problems and worries. Finding out the root cause of the stress is fairly important and can help you find the solution. If you are having severe mental health issues such as depression, it is better to consult a psychiatrist.

If you tend you have higher levels of stress due to school or work, indulging in stress releasing activity can help greatly. Take a few hours out to do something that you enjoy. Yoga and meditation are some of the most helpful stress releasing activities and can also help with fitness.

You can also do some trivial activities such as going out for a walk in the park, playing your favorite sport, drawing, writing, painting, reading, coloring and dancing. All of these can help greatly with your mental health.



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