An empty stomach morning workout makes you lose weight

An empty stomach morning workout makes you lose weight

Can an empty stomach morning workout help you shed weight? Seems impossible but a new study finds it to be true. This study says that the choice to eat or skip a meal before an early morning workout may impact our weight loss rate.

Weight loss and weight management are two major public health concerns. The role of research here is to help to find a solution that helps maximum people. One thing is that exercise burns calories but many previous types of research explain that it may not help every person. The reason is that many times people tend to eat more after an exercise.

These eating behaviors are unintentional and it shows that the human brain does receive messages on energy deprivation. It sends biological messages of hunger or low energy urging a person to eat more.

In weight loss, eating fewer calories play more role than exercising. Along with that, skipping breakfast also matters. Breakfast is the first meal of the day when the body needs an energy boost.

If a person skips eating breakfast, there are no calories available to fuel the exercise. So when this same person will start doing exercise after skipping breakfast, the body will rely on the stored carbohydrates and fat.

This study has been published in The Journal of Nutrition, performed by scientists from the University of Bath and other collaborated institutions.

How skipping breakfast sheds weight?

To study the relation between these two, the research team studied 12 healthy, active young men on three separate mornings. On day one, the participants ate a bowl of oats with 430-calorie. On another morning they ate the same breakfast before going on a bike ride for an hour. Finally, on the third morning, the participants skipped breakfast but went for the same bike ride without eating anything.

Each time when these participants stayed under observation they ate very less. The research team gave them a basket full of eatables to pick their food and return the uneaten food the next day. This was to track their daily calorie intake.

Then they compared these results and found something new. The participants came with an energy surplus when they ate their breakfast than the day when they didn’t. When they ditched breakfast and then worked out, their energy level was balanced. The fat burning and calorie intake for that day were almost the same.

The reason was that when they skipped breakfast and went for exercise, it changed their eating pattern. The maximum number or carbohydrates were burnt at this time. Although they ate normally after the workout, during the day. But at the end of the day, they were managed to become an energy deficit of nearly 400 calories.

Detailed experiment to give a definite answer

These research findings are significant for people who are trying to lose weight for good health. Working out with an empty stomach in the early morning may not urge overeating later in the day. It may also lead to a calorie deficit.

There is no as such a prolonged study on this subject. It is not clear if this situation is continued for the long term or not. If it stays for long, it is possible to lose weight.

The participants of this study were just a few and short term. Also, it involved young healthy adults who were given only oatmeal for breakfast. For building a strong relation, it is necessary to consider all variables and factors. The scientists hope to find answers to more questions in detailed trials.


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