Manage Arthritis-Related Pain With These Oils

Manage Arthritis-Related Pain With These Oils

The seasonal changes and winter are liked by many especially due to the holiday cooking, activities and spirit. Where the colder months are enjoyed by many people, they can be uncomfortable to the ones with certain health issues.

People with arthritis are among the ones who have to deal with increased pain and other complications as soon as the weather starts getting chilly. The good news is that there are now natural remedies for arthritis that can be tried at home to reduce the arthritis-related problems.

For example, essential oils can work effectively in managing the pain that intensifies with the cold. The use of certain essential oils for arthritis now even has scientific backing and variously studied conducted for further investigation.

This is great news that can benefit the big number of people suffering from arthritis. In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are around 52.5 million adults in the United States only that suffer from the health condition.

With that many patients with arthritis, there is an increased demand for alternative treatments and remedies. Fortunately, there are a number of essential oils that can not only help in the management of arthritis pain but have a positive impact on overall health and mood as well.

What Is Arthritis?

Arthritis is one of the most common joint complications seen in adults around the globe which causes swelling around the joints leading to severe pain along with other problems. It can be classified into two main types – rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis happens when the cartilage between the affected joint gets damaged or wears down due to a number of factors including the process of aging. The condition causes considerable inflammation, swelling, and pain.

The pain of this specific type of arthritis occurs mostly in some of the major joints such as the knees, spins, hands, and hips. Osteoarthritis has been observed to be rising at alarming rates especially in the older age groups.

The second type of arthritis or what is called rheumatoid arthritis occurs due to an autoimmune dysfunction in which the white blood cells start destroying the body’s own cartilage. In accordance with researchers, there is more than one factor that can lead to autoimmune dysfunction.

The most common reasons behind this condition can typically be food allergies, excess acid in the blood, bacterial infections, and excess amounts of stress. However, it should be noted that the exact reason for rheumatoid arthritis is yet to be found.

The mentioned two types of arthritis are the only two recognized forms of the disease. Although the word arthritis itself means joint inflammation, it is associated with other kinds of joints complications as well especially when being mentioned or discussed publically.

Arthritis, symptoms, severity, and relevant complications can vary from person to person. Each patient is also said to have a different experience with the disease than another along with the conventional treatment for it.

There are also a number of signs that can be shared in all cases of arthritis. For example, in rheumatoid arthritis, the signs that appear typically are stiffness along with pain in one of the joints or even more than one joint.

The signs of rheumatoid arthritis can also come at different times for different people. They can either appear suddenly or gradually. Since this particular type is caused by autoimmune dysfunction, signs may occur in the immune system and other major organs/processes in the body.

In accordance with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, around 52.5 million adults are reportedly diagnosed with a form of arthritis every year including rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, lupus, and gout.

Precisely, around 49.7 percents of the adults in the over 55 age groups were diagnosed with arthritis in the years 2010-2012. It is predicted that around 67 million people from the age of 18 and above will have arthritis by the year 2030.

Secondly, it is estimated that around 294,000 cases of arthritis happen to be children under the age of 18 which means one in 250 children in the United States has some type of arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is by far the most common type among all others.


How Do Essential Oils Work For Arthritis?

Essential oils are all natural oils that are derived from different plants and have been used in the world for thousands of years. Most of these oils have been seen to possess antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antispasmodic, and antioxidant properties.

These oils can be used for various purposes and their uses are now not only well-documented in medical literature but well-known by the common people, which is why they have become popular recently as an alternative treatment for many health conditions.


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For arthritis, there have been five essential oils that have shown to relieve many people from severe joint pain along with the inflammation and swelling.  What makes these oils so effective is that they are immediately detectable after a topical application.

In fact, The U.S. Library of Medicine published a report that showed a reduction in the severity of arthritis pain and inflammation with an application of an ointment that contained essential oils. Additionally, the use also had an impact on the mediators of the condition.

What Are The Best Essential Oils For Arthritis?

There are five main essential oils whose effects on arthritis and related problems have been studied. Essential oils for managing arthritis include:

Ginger Oil

Ginger oil is one of the oils with highly-effective healing agents and chemicals with anti-inflammatory and analgesic impacts on the affected person’s body. It has also seen to affect the vanilloid receptors at the sensory nerve endings which helps lessen arthritis pain.

The Arthritis Foundation reports research held at the University of Miami to study the effects of topical application of ginger oil and its comparison with conventional medication for arthritis-related pains and inflammation.

It was shown that the application of ginger oil reduced pain in the arthritis patients 40 percent more than the ones using conventional treatment.

Turmeric Oil

Known for its many great benefits, both turmeric and turmeric oil can be of great use when managing arthritis pain. The main ingredient in turmeric which is curcumin is known to exhibit anti-inflammatory properties.

The oil has been said to be an almost instant relief from the increased arthritis pain in the colder seasons. The patients with rheumatoid arthritis have specifically reduced arthritis pain by topical application.

Myrrh Oil

Myrrh Oil is specifically used in tandem to treat arthritis-related pains and complications. It is also used in combination with frankincense oil to have a stronger effect on the pain caused by arthritis.

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil has also been studied intensively because of the fact it can stop the production of many inflammatory molecules in conditions such as arthritis. The oil is also frequently used in combination with myrrh oil in alternative treatments of arthritis.

A study published in Scientific Reports showed that the combination of both myrrh oil and frankincense oil can be highly effective in treating inflammation as well as the intensity of joint pain.

Orange Oil

A study published in the European Journal of Medical Research showed that orange oil had the highest number of antioxidants in comparison with other essential oils which makes it a good natural treatment for arthritis and similar conditions.

Orange oil has also been reported to be the most effective essential oil when it comes to treating arthritis in comparison with all others.


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