10 Best Fitness Apps For Daily Fitness Plan

10 Best Fitness Apps For Daily Fitness Plan

The latest trend of following a fit regime often includes technological gadgets. Many people don’t know but there are certain tools that can do wonders.  One of such helpful things is mobile phone apps.

People who use fitness apps are more active and smart than the people who do not use fitness apps. Some of the good fitness apps help people to get the knowledge about fitness at home. The best fitness apps lead the people to develop a good habit of exercising, which is a big step towards a healthier life.
There are the 10 best fitness apps which are separated from all other thousands of fitness apps of 2017.

Couch to 5K

Couch to 5k is one of the high ranked fitness app picked from 10 best fitness apps. It is designed to start the couch to running for 30 minutes to reach the 5 kilometers target in just 9 weeks. Users can easily lose 15k to 20 kg.  weight in 9 weeks.


This app counts the calories that are taken on the daily basis. You cannot do enough exercise if you take fewer calories than your body’s need. Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal logs your calories, and a database of over four million foods helps you to know how many calories you have eaten.


With Endomondo fitness app you can track your romance and fitness. You can also record pep talks for your friends. Apps help you to create your fitness training plan and also analyzes your heart rate. Endomondo has many other useful features.


Fitnet fitness app is specifically designed as a workout app for people who hardly get time to gyms. The fitness app has features that involve you with 7 minutes workout. Fitnet fitness app uses the phone camera to check you that hoe closely you follow the moves that are described by the app.

Google Fit

Google Fit has been one of the 10 best fitness apps for 2017. One of the best features of the app is that it works with android wear. You can make all kinds of tracking of your performance with a smartwatch. The app is easy and simple to use to meet your fitness target.

StrongLifts 5×5

The fitness app strong lifts 5×5 help you to write down the record of your workout you do at the gym. You ca track your number of reps and also rest time. This app makes you free to keep notepad and pencil with yourself to note down your performance.


Ingress is a fitness app that actually helps you to get back into shape which is the hardest thing to do. Ingress is specifically designed for those who do not like going out for the workout or even do not like to go for walk. Ingress has solved the issue of going out by taking a walk into a video game. The game has different steps and mission that involves you to perform body workout such as getting out of the house or walking. This app brings your body back into a shape by involving you in interesting games.


Blogilates is one of the best fitness apps for 2017. Blogilates Fitness app takes things to the next level. App has a complete guideline in form of videos and also all videos of blogs are also linked. The app works perfectly on all iOS and Android smartphones.

Strava Running and Cycling

Strava Running and Cycling Fitness app are for those who are serious runners or cyclists.  You just need to have a place to keep track of your most recent rides and runs. There is no other app to compete the smart features of Strava Running and Cycling. The features of the app are able to track distance, power, elevation, speed, calories burned, heart rate, and cadence.

Daily Yoga

Daily yoga fitness app is listed in 10 best fitness apps. App makes yoga interesting for. Daily yoga app has more than yoga classes that are captured in HD. Moreover, the app has more than 500 poses that help you to increase flexibility to strengthen your core.



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