6 Habits That Ruin Your Nails

6 Habits That Ruin Your Nails

Like your face, nails are a true reflection of your health. Many ways, your nails can tell you about systematic health problems. It is necessary to pay attention to nail’s health especially if anything unusual shows up.

There are many routine tasks that may negatively impact nail health. Although these are simple everyday habits that don’t sound harmful for health. But in reality, these casual habits damage your nails.

This article will share seven unexpected habits that ruin your nails health.

One- leaving your nail polish for days

It doesn’t really look like a problem but chipped nail paint does look bad on your nails. It is definitely better to wipe it but there is a lot more than just “looking bad” that wearing nail paint for too long can do to you.

The danger lays in that nail paint which has certain pigments that may soak the top layers of your nail. It can completely dry it out. The risk is highest for toenail that is often neglected. Many women tend to forget about the nail paint for days and even for months. It is better to give your nails a break from nail polish after wearing it for a few days. Let the nail breath before your next spa appointment.

Two- Not washing hands or feet thoroughly

Everyone washes their hands several times a day but not always it reaches to your nails. Neglecting the nails when washing hands or feet may allow bacterial colonies to form. Pay attention to the nails while washing hands and toes. Make sure that your nail tips are not neglected. It is better to use a nailbrush every other day to make sure that your nails are clean.

Three- Using nails like tools

The list of everyday habits that destroy nails is extensive. Many times people tend to use their nails to open blocked jars or cans. They also use nails to open a screw, scrape price tags, prick something sticky or any other task that otherwise needs a tool to complete. Such habits not only ruin your manicure but also allow nails to potential damage. It is better not to experiment with nails for all these activities. Keep a tiny toolbox in your drawer at home and work for help.

Four- cleaning without gloves

Now, this may look odd but many times when you clean, especially the dishes, it makes nails weak. Nails normally swell in water which damages the nail bed. When you use chemicals like detergent or dishwashing soap, it makes the nails and skin dry. It is better to wear gloves while cleaning. The gloves will protect the nails.

Similarly, household cleaning also requires gloves. Exposure to cleaning products may also dry your nails. It is better to take preventive measures without risking your skin and nail health.

Five- ignoring the nails in winter

Winter is an extreme season that requires every part of your body to be protected and pampered. Wearing gloves on dry and cold days will protect the nails from potential damage. Invest in a good cozy pair of gloves and keep your hands moisturized. Apply hand cream before wearing gloves.

Six- not eating vegetables

Your skin reflects what you eat. That is also true for your nails when it comes to good health. If you are a habitual unhealthy food eater, this is a piece of bad news that your skin and nails are at high risk.

Make a habit of eating good, healthy well. Certain food items such as vegetables high in iron make your nails strong. Add food items like eggs, spinach and red meat to your diet for the extra boost. For the added strength, use flaxseed oil in any of your meal daily.




The author is a Medical Microbiologist and healthcare writer. She is a post-graduate of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. She covers all content on health and wellness including weight loss, nutrition, and general health. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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