Ammonium bathroom sprays may affect human fertility- study suggests

Ammonium bathroom sprays may affect human fertility- study suggests

Medical scientists have expressed concerns over the common usage of some everyday products. One such product happens to be the germ-killing bathroom spray that is known to affect human fertility. The statement came after an investigation team looked into the chemicals that were contained within these sprays.

The reference was made towards popular brands like Lysol, Clorox, and Simple Green. They are essentially ammonium-based compounds that work to kill various organisms.

Scientists highlighted that on an everyday basis we unknowingly make use of products that may be detrimental for our health. It is important to be well aware of all the chemicals that are present. Some of them may pose a threat can be consequential in the long run. Like with the case with germ-killing bathroom sprays that can have an impact on fertility.

The study reveals shocking results

A group of researchers belonging to the Virginia Tech University got together to examine their concerns. In effect, they wanted to find whether the bathroom sprays can in one way or the other affect human fertility.

While the initial research was carried on mice, nevertheless, scientists feel the application still holds true for humans.

The findings were documented in the Reproductive Toxicology. The journal basically looks into the probable reasons for increased rates of infertility in the US. Primarily, from what Is known, environmental chemicals may have a big role to play in that regard.

The study was conducted by exposing the mice to the ammonium compound that is present in bathroom sprays. The experiment was carried over the course of 2 months. All the observations were noted and recorded down.

The conclusion of the research was that both the male and female mice fertility had been drastically affected. Cases of weaker sperm and a low count were observed. On the other hand, female mice had decreased ovulation. Above that, the sperm had become less mobile and was now less able to fertilize with the eggs.

There is a cause for concern. As the study highlighted, germ-killing bathroom sprays can have negative consequences on human fertility.

On the other hand, manufacturers of the products have criticized the research team. They feel that the results are being exaggerated as the mice were exposed to an excessive level of ammonia.

What’s next?

It is important to first be aware of the intensity of the problem. While the ammonium compound spray may be frequently used in cleaning bathrooms. They are also used elsewhere. We find the application in treated swimming pools where the chemical is used to kill bacteria and other germs. Even hospitals would make use of the compound to keep the microbes.

The unknowing use of the spray subsequently makes us unaware of the side effects of the usage. The findings come about a time when the US is on the brink of a massive fertility crisis. Experts have been increasingly worried about the alarming rates and are looking for ways to curb the problem.

It is high time that the US Health authorities step into action. The bathroom sprays should be regulated and be made clean from any possible side effects they may possess.


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