Darkened Skin In Summers – What Can You Do About It?

Darkened Skin In Summers – What Can You Do About It?

Skin tanning fashion and products flew into the markets at the beginning of the early 2000s in the United States and other Western countries. Majority of the people used temporary tanners or visited tanning parlors on a monthly basis or prior to any occasion.

However, none of these advancements took the place of the good old fashioned way of getting a sun-kissed skin which is bathing in the sun. The beaches around the world and the number of visitors they start getting at the start of the spring season is significant proof.

Where there is nothing wrong with getting the tan you always wanted in your skin, it tends to be unwanted for a lot of people on the other hand too.
Spending time outdoors, especially in summers can lead to an unwanted and unplanned suntan. In accordance with the researchers, it takes around 15-20 minutes if you have lighter skin complexion to get a tan where might take a little longer for people with comparatively darker skin tones.

Even you are enjoying at the beach, you can get embarrassing tan lines which are usually very prominent and visible due to your swimwear. These tan lines do not go away naturally very quickly, especially if you have spent the entire afternoon in the sun.

Other times, you might have noticed that you can get a tan skin on the exposed areas of your body, even if it’s just a section of your skin showing in your shoes. Hence, you can end up having discolored skin that does not match the rest of the body.

A common but expensive remedy for removing unwanted suntan is laser therapy at skin clinics. These therapies can completely get rid of any tan but can be very heavy in your pocket and at times bring other complications.

For example, people who get laser or similar therapies are mostly told to avoid the sun as much as possible in the future since their skins become more sensitive or prone to sunburn. Following a routine that avoids the sun can be very hard for people who have work or school.

Secondly, before getting laser therapy, make sure you can also afford the specific products you are fine after it for, at times, the therapist will suggest you use products that might not hurt your skin which will have increased sensitivity to harsh chemicals.

However, these therapies are not needed if you cannot afford the effects along with it. There are a couple of ways to get rid of a tan without any side effects and with comparatively much less money spent.

What are the ways you can lighten skin at home?

Most of the cases of unwanted suntans can be reversed at home without using expensive skin lightening ranges from brands or making spa visits. In fact, most of the remedies contain ingredients that you can find in your fridge or kitchen most likely.

Some of the home remedies you can try at home to get rid of the suntan are as follows:

Tomato slices or juice

Tomatoes naturally contain antioxidants that can react with skin and lighten tanned skin from the sun. Since tomatoes are slightly acidic, they might sting a little when you use them on the area of your body which has been tanned. There are two ways to use tomatoes.

The first one is to squeeze enough tomatoes to cover your suntanned areas into a bottle and spray it directly or dip cotton balls in the tomato juice and apply it. Leave on for at least 20 minutes and rinse later with lukewarm water.

You can also use tomatoes slices, which can be easier if the suntanned area is small. Cut small slices of enough tomatoes and leave them on your skin. Sit in a comfortable position which also does not make them fall. Wait for 30 minutes and take them off, followed by washing.

For a shortcut, you can also buy 100% tomatoes juice from any grocery store in case you do not have the time for juicing or cutting tomatoes.

Try Vitamin E

Vitamin E can be highly effective in cases of sunburns and suntans as it contains an abundance of antioxidants and can be obtained from a variety of sources including nuts, peanut butter, fruits, and vegetables.

In addition, Vitamin E can be taken in the form of supplements. Taking these can make the process of getting rid of the tan on your skin faster. However, make sure you take any supplements in accordance with the instructions given or after consultation with a doctor.

The most suggested way to take Vitamin E is through Vitamin E oil. Apply the oil regularly before sleeping and the tan will be visibly lightened in 2 weeks.

Papayas and apricots

Papayas and apricots are not only good for your health and absolutely delicious in summers but also good for getting rid of suntans. According to the studies, both papayas and apricots contain enzymes that can help lighten tans in people.

Cut slices of both of the fruits and apply to the skin, leaving them for at least 15 minutes before taking off. If you plan on applying them on a large area, an easy way to do this is to blend the two together and apply as a paste mixed with some water.

You can use this on a daily basis though results can vary from person to person but are guaranteed to show.

Turmeric and all-purpose flour

The combination of turmeric, all-purpose flour, and plain yogurt is popular in Asian or more specifically South Asian countries such as Pakistan and India for getting glowing skin. These products can also lighten skin and help with skin tans.

Take 2 tablespoons of yogurt and combine at 1 and a ½ tablespoon of all-purpose flour. Add only a pinch of turmeric and mix. The best thing about this mask is that not only will it help you get rid of tan but also help with other skin problems.

Leave the mask on for 25-30 minutes and repeat the process every day. Remember to not add more than a pinch of turmeric because a higher quantity can leave a yellow hue on your skin.

Secondly, some people show allergic reactions to turmeric. A patch test before using this mask would certainly be a good idea.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe Vera is widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Just like turmeric has proven medicinal properties, studies have shown the aloe plant too contains antibacterial properties that can also fight skin conditions.

You can apply aloe vera directly to your skin from a plant. In case you do not have a plant, aloe gel is available in most of the stores. However, do not forget you need multiple applications of the gel throughout the day.

Apply the aloe gel to your affected area for about 3-4 times a day. Some people do not wash after applying the gel, others do. The choice of washing is completely up to you, though leaving it on does not bring any side effects.

So, in case you do not have time to wash it off, it is completely fine and you can reapply it later on as well.

Is there anything you should avoid?

There are a number of myths that people tend to believe while trying to get rid of a tan. For example, applying lemon juice will help with a tan. Most of the sun tans, especially the ones with a mild sunburn feeling are sensitive.

Lemon juice application will make your skin burn even more. The only way you can apply lemon juice is to dilute it to an extent it would not further harm your skin. It is better to avoid it completely because of the potential danger and the fact it dries out the skin.

Avoid skin bleaching products, fairness creams or any similar product. They mostly contain steroids and chemicals that will show temporary and fast results but will cause severe effects in the future including hormonal imbalance.
Make sure you consult a doctor before taking Vitamin E supplements if you plan to especially if you are on any other medication or have any other health condition.

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