Can physical activity prevent risk of fractures?

Can physical activity prevent risk of fractures?

We know that calcium is good for bones. Calcium makes up our bones. We can get bone fracture with calcium deficiency. So we need to consume calcium sources. Mostly it is present in dairy. Milk is the most widely consumed dairy item. Doctors also tell us to exercise.

Scientists say that consuming dairy is not enough. We need to do physical exercise as well. Exercise can help us get stronger bones. Exercise supports muscle strength. It increases the density of bones. More minerals deposit inside bones. The bone becomes tougher.

How does exercise prevent osteoporosis?

Physical activity has many benefits. It increases immune function. It gives strength to muscles. It helps us gain endurance. It is good for preventing cardiac diseases. It also gives strength to bones. Bone mass is the total weight of dry bone. More the mass, better the bone health.

The masses account for minerals present in it. Calcium is the most important mineral in bones. Physical exercise provides important benefits for bone mass. It is essential for people of all ages. These include children, adolescents, adults, and older populations. Exercise ensures bone health.

It prevents and may improve low bone mineral density (BMD). Bone mineral density determines how much calcium is present. Higher calcium will prevent the risk of getting osteoporosis. There will be lesser chances of getting fractures. We should perform physical activity to improve bone acquisition.

Physical activity also shapes the bone structure. Bone structure is critical in growing children. It is responsible for setting the basic framework of soft bones too.

Exercise must be of a minimum duration. Intensity should be light in order to cause an osteogenic effect. Osteogenic effect means growing of bone. Moreover, an exercise that involves impact and mechanic loads are good. These exercises trigger the bone modeling and remodeling process. These processes are important for bone growth.

These are also involved in active healing. Also, they heal the bone after a fracture. These exercises ensure adaptations in structure. So, they improve the structure of the bone. They also increase bone mass. This increase in bone mass enhances bone mineral density.

Children should start doing impact exercises

Physical activity plays an important role in bone acquisition. Calcium has a role in bone development. Both are essential during growth. This growth does not concern the pubertal status of the child. So, it does not matter if the child has undergone puberty.

Physical activity and diet is a must. Children should engage in a reasonable level of physical activity. They should do exercises especially impact exercise. They should continue it throughout the lifespan. But only one thing is not important. People should also keep in mind the diet. The diet should have enough calcium. Both factors promote bone health. they will also prevent bone diseases.


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