Are Himalayan salt lamps beneficial?

Are Himalayan salt lamps beneficial?

Himalayan salt lamps are bricks of Himalayan salt handcrafted in a lamp shape. The salt is usually pink in color which indicates the presence of minerals in it. It usually comes from the salt mines across the world. A major portion of the salt is harvested from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan.

This salt is believed to be millions of years old.The salt block is carved out to form a sizeable hole in the center. A light bulb is placed within the hole. When the bulb is plugged in, it emits light that pierces through the salt, letting off a low ambiance and a pink glow.

Health benefits of Himalayan salt lamps

According to the scientists, the light of the bulb pierces through the salt and heats it up. The heated salt reacts with water vapors and lets off ions that clean the air in your home. It is believed that this process of ionization,

  • Soothes allergies
  • Heals cystic fibrosis
  • Improves mood
  • Regulates sleep

Salt lamps are asserted natural ionizers. They improve the quality of air in your home by changing its electrical charge. The salt of the lamp draws in water particles that evaporate off when the lamp heats up. This reaction triggers the production of negative ions that are then released into the air. Afterward, these negative ions attract the toxins in the air, neutralize them and as a result purify the air.

Himalayan salt lamps are also claimed to improve mood and ease depression. However, these could be pretty exaggerated claims because it takes a high level of negative ions to improve serotonin levels that elevates mood. The salt lamps might not have the capacity to provide the number of ions needed to change physiological processes in the brain permanently.

These salt lamps are also believed to improve the quality of sleep. They can be used as a replacement for bright lights in the hours before a person falls asleep. Studies say that the brain produces more melatonin when one turns off all bright lights, phones, and television two hours before bed. This helps the individual to sleep better at night. The dim pink light of Himalayan salt lamps can replace bright lights before bed, aiding the natural process of melatonin production.

Salt lamps and air ionizer machines

The formation of negatively-charged ions includes the transfer of protons and electrons and occurs during thunderstorms. The fresh scent following a thunderstorm is an indication of naturally-created ions. On the other hand, the amount of ions created by salt lamps is unproven.

Compared to salt lamps, air ionizer machines emit much greater levels of negative ions. Previous research studies report that high levels of ions improved the functioning of the sympathetic nervous system, including verbal factor, reasoning, and perceptual speed. However, none of the studies showed improvement in the respiratory function.

The HEPA air filtration system is known to provide the greatest relief for people struggling with the air quality at home. These air filtration systems purify the air by removing,

  • Mold
  • Smoke
  • Pollen
  • Dander
  • Pathogens
  • Toxic chemicals

However, this process of ionization is contentious for lung health. Himalayan salt lamps are indeed beautiful and make a great addition to any home. The salt used to make the lamps has a greater level of iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium than traditional table salt. Thus, it offers greater health benefits.


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