Why video games are bad for kids?

Why video games are bad for kids?

Video games are bad for kids. They promote violence by pushing the kids to imitate characters! The growth of the video games industry needs to stop!

You have probably come across these statements quite a number of times. For certain, there is a widespread myth that video games make kids more violent.

Parents, as a result, get a little cautious when allowing their children to select DVDs for Play Station. They will try findings ones that appear to be less violent.

However, a recent study may tell the parents otherwise. According to the findings of the study, there is potentially no link between video games and children being violent.

Do video games induce violence?

You don’t have to worry about PG-13 games converting your children into criminals. That is certainly not the case according to a recent research study.

Psychologists at Stetson University in Florida were on the mission of investigating the linkage between video games and violence. They found that it is very unlikely that the viewers would be considerably impacted by what they watch or play. Yes, kids may “like” or “follow” certain characters yet they are unlikely to replay the actions in real life. There are a lot of factors keeping the children at hold.

The psychologists also put forward the findings associated with the popularity of video games. It is known that between the years 2000 to 2015, the sales of the games have seen a sharp rise. More and more kids are buying and playing them on different mediums.

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Yet, what can also be noticed is the decline in the number of violent incidents with minors as culprits. Simply put, more criminal activities are carried out by adults than by kids. Therefore, the popularity of video games in one way or the other cannot be held responsible for propagating violence.

Critics, on the other hand, have argued that the research study was conducted on a relatively smaller sample. A more comprehensive study is required before we arrive at a conclusion. In the meantime, according to critics, it isn’t right to generalize the results for the entire minor population.

How are kids kept under control?

The research by Psychologists at Stetson University has found no relationship between video games and violence. The question then arises what has really kept the children under control despite them liking some of the characters associated with the game.

There are a number of reasons why children have developed a negative attitude towards violence. Firstly, parents nowadays spend a lot of time socializing their kids making them learn the norms of the societies. The kids, hence grow up understanding what is right for them and what isn’t.

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In the wider scheme of things, that means parents are able to instill a negative approach towards violence within the kids. So even when they start following certain video games characters, they know it is not right for them to do so in real life.

Yet, it is not to say that video game manufacturers should continue adding more violent features in the game. For the time being, the little the exposure to kids, the better.




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