Is flavored milk bad for health?

Is flavored milk bad for health?

Milk is an essential component of our diet. It gives us calcium. Magnesium and proteins are also present. It builds our bones. It is also good for our teeth. Milk also supports our muscles. It gives us endurability. Consumption of milk is a critical aspect.

It is most critical in growing children. Children need milk to get a good height. Less intake of milk can lead to bone fractures. It can also cause osteoporosis. Children do not reach their optimum height.

The focus is on consumption. People go for taste. Most people do not like to consume milk.

They think it tastes boring. Some people do not like the strong flavor. Most people choose taste over health. They want to consume food that is tasty. This sense of taste is called palatability. They want to maintain their health. They look for alternatives.

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Flavored milk is an alternative. These have palatability. Flavored milk comes in many flavors. Attractive packaging increases its demand. It is available in vanilla, strawberry, banana, and other flavors. Big brands give a wide range. They constitute almost all types of fruits. Chocolate milk is the most common.

Children consume it much more than fresh milk. Some children consume only flavored milk. People are concerned about the ingredients. They think the added sugar in milk can cause weight gain. They also think milk is nutrient deficient. It does not have much calcium. The artificial flavors might cause harm.

Does it fulfill nutrient requirement a glass of fresh milk gives?

The British Dietetic Association suggests that flavored milk is healthy. Flavored milk with less than 10% sugar is safe to consume. Fresh milk has 6% sugar. Most flavored milk has under 10% sugar. So, they can be called healthy.

Dietitians Canada mentions that flavored milk has all nutrients of milk. But it has more sugar. So, people do not need to worry about that. American dietary guidelines put flavored milk in the dairy category. Australian guidelines do the same thing.

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Should obese children avoid flavored milk?

Little evidence is present on flavored milk consumption in obese children. There is a need for more research. Low-fat options are also present. Diet flavored milk is also getting popular. Children with obesity consume diet flavored milk. There is no difference in micronutrients. Calcium is available in flavored milk readily.

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Flavored milk is popular among children. It has increased the general intake of dairy. It has led to promote bone health. It can decrease the risk of fractures in old age. So, drinking flavored milk is no harm. We must be careful about the total sugar. We should not consume flavored milk with high sugar content.



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