A cup of tea can relax you completely- Says research

A cup of tea can relax you completely- Says research


Tea is known to relax the mind. Tea of Camellia sinensis plant has remarkable calming effects. It is also known as the tea tree plant. People use it as an aid for meditation and to calm the nerves. Scientists are working on the science behind the tea tree plant. They are studying the effects of tea Tree Plant on mood and memory.

According to research, drinking this tea lowers stress levels. A hormone called cortisol is high in people who have stress. Drinking tea made from this plant will lower cortisol levels. It also comes with long-term health benefits.

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Green tea lowers the risk of depression and dementia

Scientists are also trying to find active compounds in tea involving mental health. Tea catechins are antioxidants that improve a person’s mood. According to research, Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG is thought to make people feel calmer.

It also improves memory and attention. There is another active compound in the tea known as L-theanine. It also uplifts the mood. The effect doubles when it combines with caffeine. Caffeine is already present in the tea.

The overall combined effect is enhanced alertness. Researchers from the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia emphasize on this dual characteristic. Tea soothes the mind. It also makes the mind more present.

Researchers are aware that nutrition plays an important role in mental health. So far, we do not know any certain cause of mental health problems. Anxiety, stress, depression and memory loss are complex diseases.   We do not know much about them. So, there is a lack of treatment choice. Effective role of nutrition can help us get an idea about possible treatments.

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Tea has Brain Boosters in it

L-theanine improves memory when consumed with caffeine. It also improves focus and attention. It passes through the blood-brain barrier, so it can directly benefit the brain. The process is called brain plasticity. It is a process through which the brain regenerates itself. It also directly reduces cortisol and stress levels. It also enhances a chemical GABA that reduces anxiety.

The EGCG also contributes to tea in its mental-health benefits. It increases brain activity which increases focus and attention. The study suggests that tea helps in getting a relaxed and attentive state of mind. It can potentially improve the health of blood vessels. It can also boost the supply of nitric oxide. The two work together to optimize cognitive function.

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Caffeine benefits mood and cognition. We know its biochemistry well. It makes us feel more awake. But we still don’t know the mechanism and interaction behind it. We have a long way to go. But this is the start. We will be able to find solutions to mental health problems. It has become important to eliminate any confusions to find treatment options.








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