Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – Can the Symptoms Be Managed?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – Can the Symptoms Be Managed?


In modern day life, knowledge of mental health and related issues has become more common than ever. More and more people are now aware of the many problems linked to mental health.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder or commonly called, as OCD is a condition in which a person gets persistent thoughts and behavioral changes that go beyond his control.

People who suffer from OCD feel that they should repeat the common things and acts again and again, which in real annoys others.

Surprisingly, 1% of the people in the USA have been a victim of OCD in the past. It can affect anyone. It impacts on an individual life, work, education, and even relationships.

The major symptoms of OCD are of two types called obsessions and compulsions. For this reason, it is collectively called obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Obsession means an urge that stresses you so much that it may cause anxiety. For example, the fear of germs gets so intense for some people. Also, making things in perfect symmetry is a common example of OCD symptoms.

On the other side, compulsions are a certain type of behaviors that OCD patients feel like doing while getting obsessive thoughts. The biggest example of it is washing hands frequently or counting things unintentionally.

The instant relief from OCD may be achieved by performing the rituals that are usually linked with their obsessive thoughts. However, these thoughts may cause an increase in anxiety.

These symptoms can go worse or get better over time. If the person is able to recognize the symptoms on time and he gets a treatment for it, it is better to get rid of unwanted thoughts. The person is able to get complete control over him.


Can Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Be Treated? 

If someone is doubtful that he has OCD, the best is to talk to a doctor about it. There is no other way to diagnose it especially by you. People sometimes think that there is no treatment for OCD but in reality, it has a treatment.

There are medicines such as serotonin reuptake inhibitor, cognitive behavioral therapy or combinational medicines. Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT is the most popular treatment for OCD.

A research study tells that functional MRI is helpful to examine the brain of OCT affected people, which responded to a certain type of CBT called exposure and response prevention (ERP).

This ERP exposes people that have OCD to trigger the symptoms more and then they motivate the person to overcome them in extreme situations.

The researchers found that people with OCD have high connectivity between eight brain networks.

The study also suggests that these changes in the brain can represent if the participants are activating different patterns and behaviors based on compulsions.

Talk about what you feel

In many cases, individuals that have OCD need to understand that it’s only them who can help themselves. They should be open about their condition and feelings to friends and family.

If someone you know is suffering from OCD, try to help them and try to talk to them about their feelings.

In such a case, spending time with people is beneficial to overcome social isolation. You can also engage yourself with groups and social groups that particularly help in OCD.

It will also encourage people to talk about what they feel and how they feel like acting. Discussing and knowing varied views can also help to overcome OCD. 


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Finding relaxation for yourself

OCD patients often feel that their symptoms go bad when they are under stress. It shows that managing stress is more problematic for OCD patients. Stress management is an important strategy to get over OCD.

There are situations in which there is lots of pressure on a person when the person is already a sufferer of OCD, it becomes even more problematic. You should follow the relaxation techniques to get over these situations.

These relaxing tips are not a treatment but just help that may make your symptoms better. These techniques will also make you understand your triggers and the ways to minimize their effects.

This stress management also tells you about how to avoid these situations by all possible means. This is called “developing emotional resilience.” For that, you can try different relaxation techniques. Controlling your breath is the best way to control it.

You can also take a break from all your devices. For example, you can give the rest to your cell phone. It does help you in many ways. You can do the same for television, laptop or even your social media accounts.

You can also opt for creative hobbies such as painting, cooking, crafts, sewing or anything. Sometimes listening to good music or watching a good movie will also help.

Playing an instrument, dancing, running, anything that relaxes your mind and body will also work as a therapy.

Sleep well, exercise, and improve diet

These three things work like wonder. It may not look fascinating that how will it help but, in reality, these things are very helpful. There are many research studies that show OCD is also affected by it in a good way.

It suggests that following a regular sleep cycle is necessary. You should workout daily that will save you from a number of health problems. Improving diet will also make positive health effects for you.

Also, you should try using the electronics devices i.e. cell phones, laptops, tablets, and TV before bed. It will prevent you from getting unwanted thoughts before bed, which is a big factor behind insomnia.

On the other hand, people who are physically active take more time to sleep. So if you are exercising and taking healthy diet, you will be able to sleep in less time.

Also avoid alcohol, caffeine and certain foods that have a high amount of sugar and salt in them. These things disrupt sleep otherwise. Be careful what you eat especially when you are suffering from OCD.

The energetic boost from coffee or tea helps in the morning for making you feel active for the day but if you take them in a night, they will prevent from sleeping.

They also have the role of stress, anxiety, and depression, all of which worsen the symptoms of OCD.

Do not eat foods that release energy slowly. In this way, nuts, seeds, pasta, rice, and cereals are a preferable alternative food source because they help to balance the natural blood sugar levels.

When there is a drop in blood sugar levels it will bring about depression and fatigue. They will promote the destabilizing the people with OCD. Make sure that you are drinking enough water in the day so that you don’t feel dehydrated.

What Should You Keep In Mind?

All of the above strategies are just preventive and management tips. Do not mix them with actual treatments. These tips are open to all and everyone can try them. There is no restriction on age, sex, and health status. All of these tips will benefit all the users.

The aim of these techniques is not to find a cure but to avoid situations that trigger your symptoms.

These tips are also helpful to reduce the frequency of OCD symptom’s occurrence. Try to follow any or all of them in a combination. You can speak to your doctor if your symptoms get worse with these things.


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