8 Ways to Induce Labor naturally

8 Ways to Induce Labor naturally

Every due date is just an educated guess for when your baby might be ready to arrive. Ideally, the time for delivery is 40 weeks that marks the completion of pregnancy. However many women prefer to deliver two weeks before or after this time.

Although it is never a good idea to hinder with this and let Mother Nature decide it for your baby. Research states experiences of women, which delivered their babies at home. Out of all the participants, nearly half used natural ways to induce labor at home.

Here in this article, you will read about 8 natural ways to induce labor. There is no scientific backing of these methods and their role in inducing labor is purely anecdotal.

By talking to your doctor beforehand gives you a chance to evaluate trying any such method in your pregnancy. The doctor may not confirm the efficacy of these methods but he will tell you if it is safe to try for you or not.

Start doing mild to moderate exercise

Exercise helps to improve your health in every possible way. In this case, try doing anything that increases your heart rate. Even if a simple walk can do that, keep on doing it. Not only it will relieve stress but also prepare your body for the delivery. And there are high chances that it will induce labor too.

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Try a steamy sex

Although this sounds crazy there is actually the logic behind how sex may induce labor. During sex, the female body releases oxytocin, which is a hormone responsible for uterine contractions. This way it may increase the chances to induce labor naturally. However, do not go for it after your water has broken. At this point, it may risk your health and therefore not advised.

Stimulate your nipples

This is not a joke if someone tells you that stimulation of nipples may bring you into labor. Nipple stimulation causes the uterus to contract and increases the chances to initiate labor. Like sex, this also releases oxytocin, which results in uterus contraction. Either you can do it manually or try using a breast pump for it.

Take help from acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient way of healing the body naturally. It also stimulates oxytocin release in the body and it has scientific evidence too. Trying acupuncture for inducing labor may be a great way to do it easily and naturally.

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Acupressure may help

Only a certified practitioner can help a pregnant woman to start labor. It is not advised to do it by yourself, but still, if you want to do it, don’t forget to get proper instructions from a trained acupressure practitioner. Not just labor, acupressure also helps in reducing pain and discomfort during pregnancy.

Strip off the membranes

Do you know that stripping off your membrane can also encourage labor? Though it is not advised to try at home, it is a completely safe and natural method. Your doctor will perform it in his clinic by wearing a globe and separate the amniotic sac from the area around your cervix.

This shedding off membrane actually helps by releasing prostaglandins that help to induce labor. But if the pregnant woman has a vaginal infection, it is never a good idea to try membrane shedding for the possible risks of infections.

This process may lead to cramps or vaginal spotting. Eventually, it leads to water breakage and delivery. In this case, go straight to your birth center or nearest healthcare center. Do not try this method without consulting a doctor on your own.

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Eat more spicy food

There is an old technique of inducing labor by eating spicy food more often. However, there is no evidence or research on it to tell whether or not it works. Do not eat spicy food if you have a sensitive stomach. Try eating a moderate level of spices in general.

Sip raspberry tea

The old tale suggests using red raspberry tea when your delivery date is close. It strengthens the uterus and prepares your body naturally for delivery. It is also stress and pain relieving and makes you feel good. If not labor, it will make you stress-free and hydrated before your big date.

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Any forced labor induction increases the risk of an emergency delivery i.e. cesarean. It is better to discuss this with your doctor in advance and does not do anything that is too harsh on your body.


What is the time to start labor?

Usually, by the end of 40 weeks, the labor phase starts. It is the right time to have a baby at this stage. Somehow there are benefits of waiting for the natural labor induction instead of inducing it manually.

Generally, the recovery time of natural labor and delivery is much quicker than planned labor. When the baby is inside your womb for long, it is somehow beneficial. It means that it has more time to strengthen the baby’s body. There are fewer health risks, improved breathing and more brain growth with a baby who spends more time in the womb.

The best is to let your body decide when it is ready for the delivery. Take as much rest as possible. Pay special attention to your diet and a moderate physical activity during this time. All these factors ensure mother and baby’s health and speedy recovery of the mother after delivery.

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The final word

All these methods that you find online to induce labor naturally are just anecdotal. There is no medical method to induce labor that doesn’t involve medicines or physical action. Before trying anything, speak to your doctor if it is safe for you or not.

The pregnant woman has a sensitive body and can respond abruptly to any such thing. Most of the methods are popular like folktales but there is no way to determine their function. Most of the times it is better to wait for the baby to decide his own due date and let your body follow it.


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