What are the uses and side effects of Primobolan?

What are the uses and side effects of Primobolan?

What is Primobolan?

Primobolan is a popular anabolic steroid which is also known as “Methenolone”. It can cause mild anabolic and androgenic effects. It is the most admired performance enhancing drug which can also be used by people suffering from liver toxicity or damage. Primobolan is one of the few anabolic steroids that causes near to zero risks of estrogenic side effects. It causes few side effects as compared to most anabolic steroids.

Available forms of Primobolan

Primobolan is available in the following forms

  • oral (acetate), having an active life of 4-6 hours
  • injectable (enanthate), having an active life of 10-14 days

Ideal Dosage of Primobolan

The ideal dosage of Primobolan is following:

·         For men:

Ideal dosage is 200-400mg weekly

Daily doses of 50-100mg can also be used.

·         For female:

Ideal dosage is of 50-100mg weekly.

Daily doses of 10-25mg can also be used

Uses of Primobolan

Primobolan can be used in the following ways:


Primobolan has high importance in the world of bodybuilding. It is a steroid, having slightly lower potency in comparison to Deca Durabolin.  Deca Durabolin is also an anabolic steroid.

  • Cutting cycle

Primobolan is a good fat burner. Most athletes add Primobolan to their cutting cycle. During the cutting cycle, the lowering of body fat percentage is the goal.  The use of Primobolan promotes fat loss in an appropriate way. This steroid is also useful for pre-cutting purposes

  • Muscle hardening

It also prevents muscles loss and helps in muscle hardening. It maintains body muscles while being on a low-calorie diet. It is rarely used in muscle bulking cycle because of its weak muscle building capabilities. Many athletes use it in between the steroid cycles to maintain muscle mass and body strength. It should be used after the recommendations of the doctor only.

Immunity enhancing drug

Primobolan also acts as an “immunity-boosting drug”. This steroid is used for the reduction of breast tumors. It is also medically prescribed for AIDS patients because it improves the immunity of the body

Libido-boosting drug

Primobolan also affects the libido of an individual. Studies show that the use of Primobolan boosts libido.

Many users have claimed that they feel horny after the use of this medication while others feel mild changes in their libido. The use of Primobolan increases libido and improves the mood of users. It also gives the feeling of wellbeing because of its libido boosting properties.

Side effects associated with Primobolan:

The use of Primobolan can cause the following side effects:

Androgenic Side Effects of Primobolan

All anabolic steroids cause some amount of androgenic effects which depends upon the type of drug. Primobolan has very low androgenic strength as compared to other anabolic steroids, but it can still cause some androgenic side effects in individuals suffering from sensitivities.

Generally, androgenic side effects can show the following symptoms in male:

  • Enhanced sebum secretion which causes oily skin.
  • Enhanced bouts of acne which is also linked to increased activity of sebaceous gland.
  • Increased hair growth on face and body.
  • Increased chances of Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) in individuals having a genetic basis for this trait.

The use of Primobolan can also cause side effects in female users. These side effects are the following:

  • Development of the male secondary sex characteristics
  • Increased hair growth on face and body
  • The Clitoral enlargement
  • Irregularities in the menstrual cycle

Testosterone Side Effects of Primobolan

The use of Primobolan affects the natural level of testosterone in all men who use the steroid.

All anabolic steroids suppress the natural production of testosterone up to various extents but the rate of suppression depends upon the followings:

  • Type of steroid used
  • The total dosage of steroid

The dose is also important in the case of Primobolan. The low dosage of Primobolan can cause up to 50% suppression in the natural production of testosterone. The natural level of testosterone can be gained after ending the use of Primobolan or other anabolic steroids. It takes 1-4 months to get the normal level of testosterone.

Usually, Primobolan is prescribed because of its comparatively fewer effects on testosterone level but it also depends upon the dosage of the drug. The use of low dosages like 25-50 mg/daily for less than 8 weeks causes only mild effects on testosterone level. The effects at this dosage are reversible while the use of high dosages increases the recovery time taken to normalize the level of hormone.

Cardiovascular Side Effects of Primobolan

The use of this steroid affects normal cardiovascular condition.

It causes cardiovascular strain. It also affects the cholesterol level of the body. It causes reduction of HDL which is the “good cholesterol” and increases the level of LDL which is the “bad cholesterol”. These changes in the body increase the risk of arteriosclerosis. These effects depend upon followings:

  • The degree of these effects is dependent upon the amount of dose. The use of high doses caused high negative changes while low doses are associated with low risks.
  • The duration of use also determines the intensity of negative cholesterol changes
  • The route of administration is also important in determining the intensity of negative effects. The use of oral anabolic steroids causes more intense and long term effects in comparison to the injectable forms of anabolic steroids.

Hepatotoxic Side Effects of Primobolan

Primobolan causes very mild hepatotoxic side effects in comparison to other anabolic steroids. It is because the Injectable forms of Primobolan (Methenolone Enanthate) and the oral forms (Methenolone Acetate) lack the typical C17-alpha alkylation which is present in other anabolic steroids.

The studies show that the use of oral Primobolan hasn’t demonstrated any change in the amount of enzyme produced by the liver.

In the history of Primobolan, only one case of death is reported which was occurred because of hepatotoxicity and liver failure. Toxicity was reported to be caused by the use of oral Primobolan. Therefore, Primobolan should be used after the recommendations from the doctor.

The oral administration of Primobolan still causes resistance to metabolism and breakdown in the liver. Therefore, the risks associated with it cannot be ignored. Especially, the high dosage can cause a high level of risk.

The risk also depends upon the route of administration. The use of injectable forms of Primobolan (Methenolone Enanthate) is comparatively safe and don’t cause any kind of liver problems.

The Overuse of Primobolan and Safe Use Tips

The Overuse of Primobolan can cause the following side effects:

  • Depression
  • Acne
  • Gynecomastia
  • oily skin

The use of this steroid is not recommended for people suffering from following medical conditions:

  • liver damage
  • kidney problems
  • testicular cancer
  • testicular atrophy
  • breast cancer
  • high blood pressure
  • respiratory complications

Following tips should be used to avoid complications after the use of Primobolan:

  • People suffering from an allergy to Primobolan or any of its ingredients shouldn’t use it.
  • Its use is also not recommended for children.
  • The pregnant and lactating women or the women planning pregnancy should also not use this steroid as it can cause complications.
  • The people already using Tamoxifen, Prasterone and Androstenedione should avoid the use of Primobolan.
  • The use of multiple dosing of this steroid must be avoided in all conditions. If the recommended dose is missed, the next dosage shouldn’t be missed. The minimum time gap between two doses of this steroid must be around six hours.
  • Primobolan should be stored at the temperature around 20° to 25°C.
  • Primobolan should be kept away from moisture, sunlight, and children.
  • This steroid should be discarded in an appropriate way after discussing its disposal with the pharmacists.





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