What is dianabol and what does it do?

What is dianabol and what does it do?

Dianabol or commonly known as Dbol is a steroid, often associated with muscle gain and strength building. At some point in life, all of us consider regular workout and adopting healthy habits. But during this process of muscle gain, sometimes it is hard to progress. There are times when one can easily lose hope and feels a demotivation. In all such times, certain workout aids help at best.

One of the most popular choices in strength building is to use any Dianabol supplement. This anabolic steroid is mainly linked with the male sex hormone and its popularity tracks back to 1960s as a performance enhancer.

For those who don’t know, anabolic steroids show an androgenic effect. It shows up as gaining a huge bulk of muscles. It is sensitive and may show undesirable effects if not correctly used. That is why it is in the controlled substances list in the USA and many other countries of the world. Here is everything that you should know about Dianabol.

What is Dianabol?

Dianabol is one of the most widely used anabolic steroids in the market. The name Dianabol comes from its compound called Methandrostenolone, also called also as Methandienone by a Swiss pharmaceutical company, Ciba.

You may not see this compound under production anywhere but it is still famous just by its name. Many other companies formulate this steroid and it is available in the market by several names.

One of the biggest reason people use Dianabol is that it shows good results and is affordable to purchase. As the research studies on this compound tell, methandienone works best to gain muscle. Mostly people use it orally and a few prefer it injected to them. Any way that you choose, it is necessary to know the effects, side effects and potential of Dianabol before using it.

How do people use Dianabol?

Dianabol is mostly used in tablet form. It is available from 5mg to 50mg capacity and everyone should use it as per his requirement. The main point to consider with Methandienone consumption is its short half-life that starts once it is inside your body. Based on this information, note that

  • You can divide your main dosage into small dosages.
  • You may use it along with your daily meals.
  • The best is to use 5mg to 10mg tablets.
  • The effect of each dose will last for 4-6 hours. However, it largely depends upon your experience of desired goal and experience with it.

What are the side effects of Dianabol?

The chances of Dianabol to show side effects are not very common if you are careful in its usage. However, in certain cases, the side effects may turn serious, which includes the following.

  • Liver strain; It shows up when you take an extremely large or frequent dose that is not usually recommended.
  • It may affect your skin and often causes outbreaks and acne.
  • In men, it may cause male pattern baldness in the long run.
  • It may also cause an increase in water retention leading to unexplained weight gain.

Although it is not very comfortable to use Dianabol and not all gym users use it. Also, there are legal complications with its availability and usage. All these issues lead to stigma generally attached to steroid usage. For people who don’t want to get into all this usually look for legal and better alternatives that mimic the effects of Dbol and have no such side effects.

Functions of Dianabol

It is believed that using Dianabol will grow your muscles and make your body huge. But how does it work? To answer that, there are two things to know.

Dianabol is a derivative of testosterone and using it daily will increase the testosterone levels of your body. Testosterone is the male hormone that works best in growing muscle, gaining strength, improving sex drive and a lot more.

Secondly, it helps the muscles to retain more nitrogen. That ensures your entire protein intake to turn into building blocks of muscles. Usually, the protein that we eat only makes to the muscles in a small percentage. Using Dianabol will improve it and add increase the size of your body muscles.

Best benefits of using Dianabol

Following are the best benefits of using Dianabol.

  • It naturally boosts testosterone production that surely helps in muscle gain.
  • It promotes protein synthesis which means more protein will be used in building the body muscles.
  • Using it will promote nitrogen retention enabling the body to recover faster.
  • It also boosts the production of red blood cells.
  • You will lose weight while using Dianabol.
  • There will be an increase in glycogenolysis, which makes glucose free and available for quick strength burst.
  • It enhances and improves metabolic activity so that your body will not get fat even with eating more food.
  • It improves strength, stamina, and energy.
  • It causes a reduction in stress and fatigue; the body is able to work out for a long time.

How long it takes to work?

There is no rule on how much time does Dianabol takes to show effects. But many users at online forums share their experience that they were able to see the difference within the first week of usage. However other people suggest you wait for at least two weeks to check your body for a change. Almost everyone agrees that Dianabol takes some time to show good results. This duration may vary from person to person.

Average muscle gain with using Dianabol

The most frequent question on Dianabol is, what is the average muscle weight gain with using Dianabol. The answer is not simple at all. Every individual is different and for this reason, muscle weight gain for everyone is also different. There are many factors that contribute to it such as genetics, weight, age, workout routine, diet, and many others.

With what users have shared online, the average weight gain users have reported is as follows.

Within the first week of using Dianabol- 4-7 lbs (on average)

In two weeks of using Dianabol- 8-12 lbs (on average)

In one month of using Dianabol- 15-20 lbs (on average)

In two months of using Dianabol- 28-35 lbs (on average)

Note that these are just general figures and these may not ne true for everyone. Many people gain more than this standard chart and some gain less.

Keep in mind that those are just reported averages. Some gain more lbs of muscle while others gain less. It protects the body from joint pains that may hit during heavy weight lifts. Once the person gets rid of excess water weight, it is easy to drop the weight.

Other alternatives to Dianabol

You will be surprised to know that body building supplements are only a decade old. Only a few companies are able to prepare legal alternate of Dianabol that works the same way but without the side effects.

It may not excite if you have stamina or strength to gain muscles without taking any steroids. But when you are in your middle ages where everything seems an impossible dream, the chance of gaining a well-built body is no more dream with Dianabol.

This experience gets better when you start watching the muscle building effects without any complications. Now that’s how supplement industry has worked that far.

Only a few companies have made legal alternatives of the said compound without any side effects. Some of them may not be as good as original but being side-effect free makes it a worthy thing. So the people who are regular at gyms may be using the legal alternatives of Dianabol and it works for them too.

Closing thoughts

In the end, it is clear that Methandienone is an oral steroid with a shady legal status that helps in building body mass. IT increases body strength and energy levels. Dianabol is effective but an extremely toxic substance. It has many side effects such as it may give you man-boobs if you are overdoing it. Or it may affect your liver function. A typical cycle of using Dianabol is 4-6 weeks and the effects may vary on everyone.

Due to sensitive nature, many people prefer to use better and legal alternatives to Dianabol. These alternatives mimic the effects of Dianabol but they are completely side effect free.





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