Depression – Is It a Treatable Disease?

Depression – Is It a Treatable Disease?

Depression is neither a crime nor a stigma. It is curable. Confidence is the key to beat depression.

In medical terms, depression can be described as the serious illness that disrupts the brain chemistry. Almost 5% of the population that make up to 300 million people in the world suffers from this disorder.

Depression is not aging or gender restricted and various reasons ranging from health to emotional imbalances can adversely impact one’s brain chemistry. The severity of the disease also varies from individuals to individuals and various people can suffer various types of depression. Where a person is suffering from the disorders for more than 2 years is said to be experiencing persistent depressive disorder.

 A less severe and more common type of disorder is called the Bipolar disorder or manic- depressive illness. It involves the cycles of depressions to be altering between extremely high and a maniac. Such condition when accompanied by hallucination and delusions is defined as the psychotic depressions.

 However, people tend to suffer from the temporary phase of depression brought mainly due to hormonal changes especially women after pregnancy or a condition called postpartum depression.

What are the symptoms of depression?

There are several symptoms of Depression can affect one’s being in various dimensions such as it can affect the inner feelings, can alter thoughts, behavior and can impose physical problems as well.

A sufferer can experience the feelings of sadness, alienation, anxiety, mood swings, anger outburst, feelings, and hopelessness.

There is a high probability for a person to withdraw himself from all the social activities, and perhaps can have the thoughts of harming oneself. He most probably faces trouble in remembering the things, making decisions and concentrating on work.

In terms of physical health, the sufferer may cause the person to consume excessive drugs and alcohol. The person may go through excessive weight loss, loss appetite or even consumption of food beyond the body needs.

The consequences of depression

The most apparent impact of depression is the loss of confidence and the fear to face the world.

The major cause of depression can be any factor that has direct adverse impacts on the emotional makeup of the people.Harsh criticism by the peer, disapproval by the family, failure in studies, love or job can all contribute to shaking the confidence of the individuals.

How to cure the depression?

The very first step in curing the depression is the acceptance by the sufferer. The second one after acceptance is the courage to seek help. Seeking help can be from family, friends, teachers, close companions, spouse or the professional psychiatrists in the hospitals.

Often medications are also prescribed in the form of anti -depressants for the people in severe conditions. Cognitive behavioral therapies are also given to the people. However, it is a long process and therefore requires persistency and patience before results could be felt.

According to few recent research, it is said that intake of probiotics and carbohydrates stimulates the positive feeling in the person and can help the patients to reduce their depression. Also staying close to nature can sometimes give a person much-needed changes from the hassles of the daily life.

Cure of depression may vary from person to person since the cognitive makeup tends to differ.

Such patients, however, must be first trained on how to boost the confidence. Since high confidence can almost help all the individuals to go through any upsets. Also, they must be pushed to participate in the social activities as much as possible.

Therefore there are ample ways to cure depression; the need is to seek the help.


The author is a Medical Microbiologist and healthcare writer. She is a post-graduate of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. She covers all content on health and wellness including weight loss, nutrition, and general health. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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