Pregnancy Without Vomiting – Is This Normal?

Pregnancy Without Vomiting – Is This Normal?

The majority of the people assume that most of the content shown on the television and elsewhere such as social media depicts real life very closely. This may be true in some cases but not all of them. In fact, such sources may even provide you with false facts and expectations.

Fortunately, many people fact-check and confirm many of the things they hear around. However, some of the already existing myths which are then forwarded by different means of media still remain in today’s world.

For example, myths related to pregnancy are very common. If you are planning to have a baby or are already pregnant, you may have heard some of the most absurd and uncalled-for advise from people. On media channels, many ‘normal’ signs of pregnancy are not present in all the cases.

In fact, it is not necessary that your pregnancy will be like your friend’s or any relative’s. The second may not even be like the first. It is different for everyone and every time as well.

Since the depiction of it shows the same signs, many women tend to worry when they do not experience similar things. For instance, ‘morning sickness’ or nausea with or without vomiting are shown as the earliest symptom of pregnancy. But what if there is pregnancy without vomiting?

This is a very prevalent concern that makes women visit their health professionals when they do not experience any morning sickness. Is pregnancy without vomiting normal? Read more to find out.

What Causes Vomiting in Pregnancy?

During the first trimester, the majority of the women experience morning sickness which is nausea with or without vomiting. Why do most of the women go through this? In the early stages of pregnancy, there are various changes that lead to nausea in women.

Mainly, it happens due to the high levels of a hormone known as HCG. It is a sudden change and the body usually reacts by causing vomiting and nausea. After the first trimester, the feeling usually goes away.

However, if it does continue, it could be due to a variety of reasons including food poisoning, acid reflux as well as heartburn. Women with specific diseases such as fatty liver disease may have vomiting later in their pregnancies as well.

If vomiting gets severe and you experience other symptoms such as dehydration, it is better to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Is Pregnancy Without Vomiting Normal?

As mentioned before, morning sickness is common in most of the pregnancies. However, some cases can be different and some women may not have to go through the same. Is this a cause for concern? According to health professionals, you do not need to worry!

Lack of morning sickness could actually indicate that your body is strong enough to handle the hormonal changes during the first trimester really well. So, if you do not experience vomiting, there is typically nothing to worry about.

Sometimes, no morning sickness may indicate a very low level of hormones. This increases the chances of a miscarriage. But this rarely happens and if you are regularly visiting your doctor, you would not experience this.

As long as your doctor approves of your hormonal levels, you are doing good. Conclusively, if you are having a vomiting-free pregnancy, the only thing you should worry about is other people feeling jealous about it!

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