Is L-theanine Safe For Consumption?

Is L-theanine Safe For Consumption?

Every year, you see the flow of various new products in the market. Different products you see on the aisles of stores today is all thanks to the developments in industries and technology. Not only you have better access to everyday items now but also a whole range of options in them.

This includes various things from your household cleaning items to skincare products. There are also now specialized products for people with specific needs. Diabetic people, who were previously stuck with boring diets, now can also enjoy sugar-free cookies, cakes, and other desserts.

In a similar way, if you have skin that reacts negatively to the normal, chemical-loaded products, you can always go for the ranges particularly for people with sensitive skins.

Technology also allows production of tool that can be easily used by everyone, even the people with physical disabilities.

Is there any disadvantage to all this? Amidst all the options, you are bound to get confused by which thing to choose for yourself. This is especially the case with selecting foods to follow a healthy diet.

Many chemicals present in the foods today are a hot topic of debate. Many argue that some preservatives, additives as well as naturally occurring substances are harmful to the health. Others do not share the same opinion.

One of the substances which have been under speculation recently is L-theanine. Some people claim that this particular substance may bring unwanted consequences to health despite the absence of any research backing up the stance. So, it is really harmful? Keep reading to know more.

What Is L-theanine?

L-theanine, present in beverages such as black tea and green tea, is a naturally occurring amino acid. The human body itself is unable to prepare this compound. Research on this amino acid shows it may affect some of the chemicals in the brain.

The hormones that are mainly affected by L-theanine include dopamine, cortisol, and serotonin. All three of these deal with the emotions in a person. Anything that affects the release of these hormones can affect your happiness and motivation levels.

In addition, cortisol is the main hormone responsible for the body’s reaction to stress. Therefore, anything that causes a change in cortisol levels can, in turn, affect the stress levels too.

Till now, there has not been any large-scale research studying the main effects of l-theanine. However, the small studies on the amino acid have only highlighted potential benefits of it.

What Are the Benefits Of L-theanine?

Though there is a lack of research on effects on l-theanine, following benefits have been noted upon its consumption:

  • Better sleep
  • Improved concentration levels
  • Better cognitive performance
  • Controlling and reducing blood pressure
  • Relaxation
  • Better immunity
  • Weight loss
  • May help with better performance in cancer drugs

Are There Any Side Effects?

According to FDA, l-theanine is safe for consumption and poses no potential threats to the health. However, if you are taking L-theanine supplements, you should consult your doctor first as they have been seen to interact with other medication.

L-theanine supplements may interact with blood pressure medicines, other supplements containing caffeine as well as drugs used for the treatment for ADHD. Breastfeeding and pregnant women are also told to stay away from L-theanine.

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