How Does Social Media Affect Your Health?

How Does Social Media Affect Your Health?

The world today is incredibly different than it was a decade ago. There are various changes in every sphere of life. From developments in industries to alterations in social acceptance and norms, everything you see now is changed.

There are various factors behind these changes ranging from socio-economic to political ones. But what is the biggest thing that you have which was not present before?

No matter what, you cannot underestimate the power of social media in the modern day life. Once just an idea, social media is now a mandatory platform for an individual as well as for businesses and companies.

You will rarely meet a person who does not use a social media site. In many cases, you will actually need it to stay updated. For example, many classes in high school and college have to join online study groups for notes and slides from their particular class.

Having an account on social media may also help you stay in touch with what is happening around the world. Many news accounts also offer packages including news alerts and access to articles. Hence, there are many ways social media can benefit you.

Perhaps, the uses mentioned above are not even one-third of the actual advantages of social media. However, everything also has its negative effects such. This also includes the use of social media.

Have you ever wondered if you can spend a day without checking your social media account now? Of course not. This shows your level of dependence on social media. Some people cannot even go an hour without checking their phones.

There are a number of studies that show these effects of social media. Dependence and obsession with social media can actually harm your life and relations greatly. Keep on reading to know more.

What Does Research Say About Social Media?

In the beginning, social media was not as popular as it is now. It was due to the advent of social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram that it became a common source of education, news, entertainment, and business.

Nonetheless, it has helped various people out in many ways. But there are always two sides of the photo and research shows how it may also affect your life negatively in a couple of ways including:

Harming relationships

The point of most social media sites such as Facebook was initially to connect and know more people. But in reality, such platforms can harm your real life relationships.

For example, uploading unwanted photos, seeing offensive content, and neglecting people around you can negatively affect your relationships.

Mental health problems

Social Media can surely help you follow the people you find attractive but in the process, it may start affecting your mental well being.

Studies have shown how success and beauty are often portrayed in an unachievable way which can have life-long effects and cause depression and anxiety in people of all age groups.

Promoting dangerous behaviors

Any person on social media is aware of the trends and challenges that circulate around the different sites. Research has shown such trends can be harmful such as the one of consuming tide pods. Additionally, many behaviors such as alcoholism and doing drugs are sensationalized indirectly via social media which can encourage relatively young people and make them replicate such behaviors in real life.

Physical health

According to research, social media affects most mental and physical health. Checking your phone constantly can often disturb your essential night sleep. Secondly, you may end up becoming lazier and less productive.

Often, people preferring scrolling through their phones and never leaving their rooms. This can contribute to a sedentary lifestyle and make you gain weight, hence increasing your risk of developing other health conditions.

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