Research Shows Artificial Sweeteners May Not Be Useful

Research Shows Artificial Sweeteners May Not Be Useful

Over a decade ago, people’s eating habits and knowledge about healthy foods was entirely different. The advancements in research methods and an increase in studies covering various health-related topics have shown new sides to the traditional views.

For example, fat-free foods were one of the main food trends years ago. This was due to the studies showing fat is harmful to health. In reality, high fats in the diet are indeed not good but there are also good fats that should be present in the daily intake.

However, the result was an overflow of fat-free versions of all foods. People rapidly followed the trend and bought such products while ignoring the fact that many of these had a high sugar content.

In the following years, sugar was declared even more harmful than fats. After this, low-fat foods were no longer the norm. Instead, sugar-free and low-sugar items took the lead in the food industry.

Now, a number of studies also question the credibility of not only sugar-free foods but many similar products. In a similar way, many ‘green’ and ‘eco-friendly’ products may also not be exactly what they claim to be.

Perhaps the best example of such products is artificial sweeteners. Whether you are at a casual meetup or some fancy tea party, you will always see a number of artificial sweeteners besides the sugar. Many people use sweeteners for the purpose of cutting out sugar from their diets.

Others no longer trust the sweeteners after some research showed they may actually harm the health. Now, a new study shows it actually may no difference at all. Whether you prefer sugar or sweeteners, the outcome is likely to be the same.

What Does the Study Show?

Whether artificial sweeteners are good for the health or not is a popular debate. There are different studies that show varying results. Previous research showed they may help in losing weight. There are also studies that link its usage with a higher risk of cancer.

However, there is not any sufficient evidence for all such claims. A new study conducted by a team of researchers gives a whole new perspective to the debate – it may not make a difference at all if you use artificial sweeteners in place of sugar!

To find the right answer, the team looked at various studies. In total, around 56 research papers were assessed by them which included the latest updates on artificial sweeteners.

While observing, the scientists took various factors into consideration including blood sugar levels, heart and kidney health, body mass index and weight, behavior and mood, oral health, and cancer.

Read the full study here. 

The researchers found that there was no actual difference between people who consumed sugar and those who preferred sweeteners. They comment:

“For most outcomes, there seemed to be no statistically or clinically relevant difference between [non-sugar sweetener] intake versus no intake or between different doses of [non-sugar sweeteners].”

What Are the Future Prospects?

In addition to finding the lack of differences between sugar and sweetener users, the scientists also concluded that the evidence for its positive or negative effects was also insufficient. But like all other studies, this one too has its shortcomings.

Most health professionals though do agree with the authors of the paper in its call for further research on artificial sweeteners. Knowing more about sweeteners is also important as they are becoming more popular day by day.

Hilary Jensen

Hilary is a Food Science and Nutrition graduate with specialization in diet planning and weight loss. She enjoys reading and writing on Food, Nutrition, Diet, Weight Loss, and General Health.

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