Watching videos can relieve post-surgical pain, study says

Watching videos can relieve post-surgical pain, study says

A study, issued in the Journal of Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, has revealed that watching videos can be helpful in reducing pain after surgery. Researchers from Marmara University Institute of Health Sciences and Ataturk University Faculty of Health Science in Turkey conducted the respective research. They have found that watching videos can help to reduce pain in the patients who underwent surgery. These videos can either be funny or not.

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The study employed around 90 patients, divided into three groups. One of the groups watched funny videos. The other one watched videos that were not funny. The third group acted as a control group and did not watch any videos.

The levels of pain, in the patients, were measured before, right after, and 30 minutes after watching the videos. The results of the study demonstrated that patients who watched videos, both funny and unfunny, incident lesser pain as compared to those who did not watch any videos.

These findings of the study led the researchers to conclude that videos, which you enjoy watching, can reduce pain.

The researchers of the study added that these videos can serve as an easy, enjoyable, and economical way to relieve pain. Moreover, they also lead to lesser use of pain-relieving drugs.

Apart from pain-relieving effects, these videos can also enhance your productivity at work. The Journal of Business and Psychology published a study, where the researchers revealed that people who watched a funny video clip work longer on a boring task. They further added that people who watched funny videos had twice the productivity than those who watched neutral or positive, but not funny, videos.

The researchers of the study were from the University of New South Wales in Australia. Their study promoted the beneficial effects of humor on important behaviors in the workplace. They added that exposure to humor enhances the efficiency of employees at work.

The research determines that humor offers a mental break from nerve-racking situations. It may prevent mental decline related to work. Moreover, it replenishes mental resources, enabling the individual to work longer on hard tasks.

74 students were recruited to participate in the study. The participants encountered a mentally-draining task. They had to remove the letter “e” from every single word in a two-page long text.

After the task was completed, the participants were randomly assigned to watch a video clip. The clip was humorous, evoking neutral and gratifying emotions. The participants reported their emotions using a standard seven-point scale of 16 discrete emotions, after watching the video.

After that, they worked on a relentless task. The participants played an unwinnable game in a computer program. However, they were permitted to quit the game at any time.

The results of the study showed that the participants performed better and spent more time working on the task, after watching the videos.

David Cheng and Lu Wang, one of the researchers of the study, stated that humor helps to alleviate stress and assist societal relationships. However, the participants’ performance entails that individuals must focus all their efforts on their activities. They should avoid confronting excessive humorous activities because it may divert their attention from the execution of the task.

Summing up the whole story, funny videos are not only pleasurable but also replenishing. Thus, people should take short humor breaks in between work. However, the break must be moderately timed and not too long. Otherwise, one will end up doing nil.



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