8 Silent Signs of Diabetes in Men

8 Silent Signs of Diabetes in Men

Do you know that there are more than 86 million adults in the US that are suffering from pre-diabetics? The worse is that 90% of them have absolutely no idea that they are at risk of diabetes. It increases the chances to develop type-2 diabetes, as well as heart disease or stroke. Following are some silent signs of diabetes in men.


1. Erectile dysfunction

The nerve and artery damage caused by a significantly high blood sugar makes the chances of erectile dysfunction higher. According to research, published in the Journal of International Medical Research, more than 89% of men with metabolic issues suffered from erectile dysfunction as well. This means erectile dysfunction is a silent message that a man should seek immediate help.

2. Yeast infections

This is probably the most ignored sign of diabetes. When the body has a high level of sugar in it, it promotes yeast growth and related infections. These are the similar type of infections that mostly women get. But in men, they appear under the foreskin of the penis. The chances of yeas infections are more if a person is uncircumcised.

3. Frequent urination

Did you know that frequent urination is also a sign of diabetes? Well, it’s not just the only silent symptom of diabetes. But if your toilet visits are more than usual, it can be a sign of an enlarged prostate. It is necessary to get a complete checkup of the prostate so that the condition is timely diagnosed.

4. Stress and fatigue

Anything that is making you stressful also causes a rise in blood sugar. The normal insulin levels make glucose enter into cells from the bloodstream and help in energy production for the body. Many patients of diabetes often complaint tiredness before diagnosing with diabetes. if the fatigue is constant and there isn’t anything new in your routine, you should probably get checked for the risk of diabetes.

5. Family history 

Usually, type-e diabetes runs in families. If you have people who are diabetic, there are chances that you will also develop it in the future. In a research study of 8000 participants with a family history of type-2 diabetes, the risk of developing diabetes was 26% more than the control group. That’s why it is necessary to keep a check at your family medical history and get regular checkups from your family doctor.

6. Abnormal weight gain

As you age, it is normal for your body to gain weight. But if this weight gain is abnormal, you may need a checkup for diabetes. According to a research published in BMJ Open in 2016 , men gain less weight than women even when they have diabetes. So even if your weight gain is small, it is better to check your sugar levels.

7. Chest pain

Do you often feel chest pain especially when you are working out? Metabolic conditions are mostly related to pre-diabetic conditions like high blood pressure. These things add more risk of you to get diabetes later on.

8. Premature ejaculation

Believe it or not but along with erectile dysfunction, metabolic syndrome may also link with premature ejaculation. Together these three are the biggest signs of diabetes in men. The research published in European Urology says that nearly 23% of patients with premature ejaculation and 5% with delayed ejaculation are suffering from diabetes.

Many factors such as weight loss and exercise, may improve your sexual health but you also need targeted therapies and the medicines prescribed by your doctor.


No symptoms at all

This is the scariest thing because if your body is in the pre-diabetic stage but not showing any symptom at all, you may never know your health status. On average, people start to experience some changes six or seven years before being diagnosed with diabetes. A 2017 study says that only 6% of primary care doctors are able to check all the risk factors that may indicate diabetes.




The author is a Medical Microbiologist and healthcare writer. She is a post-graduate of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. She covers all content on health and wellness including weight loss, nutrition, and general health. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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