Zenith Labs Omega 3-7-9 + Krill: Is it good for the health?

Zenith Labs Omega 3-7-9 + Krill: Is it good for the health?

As a person goes through bad health, one of the first nutrients that get suggested numerously by doctors or health experts is the omega-3 fatty acids that are highly essential nutrients playing a key role in improving the overall health of heart and brain. Omega-3 fatty acids are also credited for enhancing the condition of hair, skin, and nails.

So a lot of people tend to incorporate fish oil or omega-3 supplementation in their daily routine. But many fail to realize if the nutrient is actually working or not. This is where Omega 3-7-9 + Krill comes into the picture. This is a natural and potent supplement based on omega-3 along with other ingredients that are helpful in enhancing the ability of its chief active component.

Recent studies have found that most of the fish oil or omega-3 supplements fail to be as effective and beneficial as they lack certain components that would otherwise assist to make omega-3 useful by allowing higher absorption in the body. Omega 3-7-9 + Krill contains a formula that is based on natural and potent ingredients that makes it safe for consumption.

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What is Omega 3-7-9 + Krill?

Omega 3-7-9 + Krill is a dietary supplement that is natural and safe for all people and enriched with the healthy benefits of omega-3s. The formula works to provide various benefits such as enhanced immune system, reduced inflammation, improved vision, joint or back pain relief, a boost in heart and cognitive health, and more.

The supplement comes from a prominent and trusted company in the field of natural supplements called Zenith Labs. The head of Zenith Labs and the main brains behind the success of the company is Dr. Ryan Shelton, a well-known name in the organic industry. Zenith Labs has manufactured a line of health supplements for addressing certain medical issues.

Many omega-3 supplements fail to deliver all the benefits of omega-3 and therefore, prove ineffective. This is because most of the supplements do not include other essential components required for the effective absorption of omega-3 in the body. Omega 3-7-9 + Krill formula contains all the ingredients needed for better absorption and thus enhancing omega-3 capabilities.

Features of Omega 3-7-9 + Krill

Omega 3-7-9 + Krill offers various benefits to the users that make this supplement a viable option. Here is a list of their most notable features of this omega-3 supplement:

  • Natural composition

The formula contains a list of ingredients that are natural and potent. These ingredients are acquired from trusted sources and are clinically tested and proven for safe use. The composition is also GMO-free.

  • Backed by research

The product is backed by clinical studies under the supervision of scientists and experts. Research has shown that omega-3, omega-7, omega-9, and krill oil can significantly enhance the abilities of omega-3s. Further studies have proven the efficacy of the supplement.

  • No side effects

Thanks to its natural composition, the dietary supplement is completely safe for consumption and the users do not need to worry about side effects or other potential threats to the overall health.

  • Convenience of use

All the powerful ingredients are formulated in the form of an easily swallowed pill form that can be incorporated into part of a daily routine without any hassle.

  • Developed in the USA

Many people trust the product because of the fact that it is manufactured in the US, and the facilitation is carried out in the highest standards.

  • Renowned company

Zenith Labs is the company behind Omega 3-7-9 + Krill, and it has a worldwide reputation of developing high-quality health supplements.

  • Money back guarantee

The manufacturer is offering 180 days money back guarantee with the supplement. So in case, someone is not completely satisfied with the product’s performance, they can request a full refund from customer support.

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What does Omega 3-7-9 + Krill do?

As the name says, the supplement contains rich contents of omega 3, omega 7, omega 9 and krill oil along with vital companion nutrients. The formula comprises of three types of fatty acids in a measured quantity and ratio, while it contains krill that works as the natural companion nutrient that turns omega-3 into a beneficial component in the body.

The success of Omega 3-7-9 + Krill is owed to the above-mentioned fact of formula composition that makes it more effective and beneficial than other fish oil and omega-3 supplements. These supplements carry omega-3s but they are not useful as they lack the components that can partner together for faster and more effective absorption in the body.

Omega 3-7-9 + Krill is designed to help in multiple ways. It enhances the health and functioning of the brain by improving memory and preventing memory loss, while it also boosts the overall health and well-being of the heart. Moreover, the supplement improves the condition and quality of hair, skin, and nails. It actively helps in treating joint or back pain and inflammation.

Ingredients of Omega 3-7-9 + Krill

All the ingredients of the supplement are 100% natural and acquired from trusted sources. The chief ingredients of Omega 3-7-9 + Krill are listed below:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are vital for enhancing brain health and also protecting joints health. In case of lack of these components, one may begin seeing some aging signs such as memory loss, dementia, arthritis and joint/muscle pain.

  • Omega-7 fatty acids

Omega 7 fatty acids are essential in maintaining the condition of skin and digestive health to healthy levels. The acid should be part of one’s daily routine in order to have a youthful glow in the skin and a good digestive system.

  • Omega-9 fatty acids

Omega 9 fatty acids are highly suggested for good health of the heart, preventing fluctuating in mood and body’s energy levels. The acid’s presence in the body makes certain the protection and well-being from heart-related issues. As the energy levels are enhanced, it helps in increased productivity and a higher level of overall satisfaction.

  • Krill

The main ingredients of the supplement are the fatty acids in their measured ratios. Krill is the companion ingredient that helps to make the fatty acids effective and readily available for maximum absorption in the body.

  • Astaxanthin and CoQ10

These ingredients are formulated in the supplement to enhance the performance and abilities of Omega fatty acids. Moreover, these ingredients help in fighting inflammation, which is important in improving a person’s health.

Pricing of Omega 3-7-9 + Krill

According to the website, the price of a single pack is set at $49. The company offers some discount on bulk purchases, such as:

  • Pack of 3 bottles = $117 ($39 per bottle)
  • Pack of 6 bottles = $198 ($33 per bottle)

These are the discounted prices currently shown on the website and are subject to change in future. The product comes with a solid 6 months money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction.

Final Verdict

Zenith Labs Omega 3-7-9 + Krill is a natural and potent supplement enriched with Omega fatty acids. It includes omega-3s along with other partnering components and antioxidants the assist in delivering multiple benefits in the body. Clinical studies have been undertaken into the formulation of the supplement, which speaks of the company’s credibility.

And most importantly, all the ingredients are extracted in their potent form, and further tested for efficacy and safety. Hence, the supplement is completely safe for regular use. Interested people can place their orders by visiting the official website.


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