Sleeping Too Much May Cause Cardiovascular Problems

Sleeping Too Much May Cause Cardiovascular Problems

For the majority of the people, getting enough sleep and heading to bed on time is hard. Statistics show that the masses today experience much more stress and have irregular sleep patterns in comparison with a decade ago.

In fact, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that around one-third of the population in the United States alone does not get enough sleep on a daily basis.

There are plenty of studies that show how lesser than required sleep can lead to many health issues. And let’s face it, we all know ourselves how much sleep deprivation can affect our mood.

You have surely felt cranky and have been ticked off by the most trivial things when had only three hours to sleep the night before. It is a nightmare!

The CDC itself warns people to get enough sleep. Few hours of sleep can increase the risk of many dangerous health conditions. This includes cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and depression. 

However, did you know that sleeping more than usual can also have harmful effects? It is time to stop your sleeping too little on weekdays and too much on weekend routine. 

According to a new study in the European Heart Journal, sleeping excessively may also ruin your health equally. 

Read the full study here

The study was led by Chuangshi Wang, a doctoral candidate at McMaster University in Ontario in Canada, and Peking Union Medical College at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in China.

What Did the Study Show? 

To see the effects of sleeping too much, the team of researchers in the study looked at over 116,000 people.

These folks were a part of the study Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE). These participants were between the ages of 35-70. 

The researchers took several factors into consideration in their observation. This includes diet, physical activity, lifestyle, socioeconomic class as well as their family history of diseases. 

In the eight years observation of the PURE study, around 4,318 people passed away. Another 4,365 had a stroke or a heart attack in the same period of time. 

One common factor between all the people who died or developed heart conditions was their sleeping habit. 

According to Wang and the team of researchers, the people who slept more than the standard 8 hours had higher chances of heart disease or premature death.

There was a five percent increase in the risk for all people who slept for about 9 hours rather than the recommended amount. 

In addition, the ones who slept 10 hours had a seventeen percent increase in their risk of disease and premature death. For people who slept even more than that, the chances were forty-one percent higher.

What Did The Study Conclude? 

According to Dr. Wang, the leading researcher, the study made it clear that the ideal time of sleeping is no more than 6-8 hours. 

However, Dr. Wang added that the study does not completely prove that more sleep means a higher risk of disease or death.

She says “Given that this is an observational study that can only show an association rather than proving a causal relationship, we cannot say that too much sleep per se causes cardiovascular diseases”.

The final comment by the researchers in the study was on the sleeping habits of people. 

In consonance with them, sleeping too little can cause health problems and sleeping too much may be an indicator of an underlying health issue. 

Dr. Yusuf, another lead researchers, states that one should sleep at least 6-8 hours per day and if the sleep duration is more than that, visiting a doctor can be helpful. 


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