How To Keep Your Gut Healthy During the Holidays?

How To Keep Your Gut Healthy During the Holidays?

It is generally harder to keep weight in control and stay healthy in today’s world. In some season, it gets even more difficult, including our favorite time of the year during the winter holidays. Most of us have 1-2 months of cheat dieting because let’s be honest, who can say no to dinner invites?

Not only do we start loading up on food, specifically the sugary treats, at dinners arranged by our family and friends, but we also start making them more often at home. Obviously, you too have to arrange events and dinners after being invited to several yourself.

In addition, it is the time to chug as much alcohol as you can. What’s an event without the drinks and what are drinks without hard liquor? Even if you try to avoid drinking too much, your friends or your favorite cousin will probably convince you otherwise.

What About Exercise? Amidst the parties and festivities, following a work out schedule is difficult. Most people are juggling between work and parties as well as visits to relatives they have not seen since the last year. Exercise no longer stays a priority.

How Can This Affect Your Health?

While it is good to enjoy yourself during the happiest time of the year, habits such as these can ruin your health. This particularly includes the health of the gut. Unhealthy intake continuously means disturbance in the gut flora.

This will not only give you constant digestion issues later on but it may also affect your overall health. According to the latest studies, gut bacteria is related to much more than digestion, for example, allergies.

In addition, the gut bacteria are also linked to other conditions. This includes autism spectrum disorder, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, eczema, and even cancer.

But how can you control your diet and remain healthy throughout the season when you are already stressed? It is understandable if you are under constant pressure of holiday planning and run out of time to focus on what you are eating.

There are some simple changes that you can do to make sure that your health remains steady and you start the new year with a healthy gut.

How To Keep Your Gut Healthy During the Holidays?
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What Can You Do?

A number of things you can do during the holiday season that can stop you from disturbing your gut bacteria are:

Take your fiber

Did you know that it is impossible for us to digest fiber without the microorganisms present in our gut? Since you now do, you may even figure out how important fiber is for them.

Without an appropriate amount of fiber, these microorganisms¬†turn to the mucus on the inner lining of the gut to survive on. This ruins the inner protections causing what is called a ‘leaky gut’. This is a condition that can affect you for life and you might want to avoid rather than manage.

Make sure to consume plenty of fiber instead of those Christmas cookies this season!

Try some dark chocolate

Yes, you read that right. Some desserts that are suggested to be consumed during holidays are those made out of dark chocolate.

The health benefits of dark chocolate are numerous and they are also good for your gut. Skip the sugary treats, and eat two blocks of dark chocolate to satisfy your cravings.


Try planning

Another thing which can affect the bacteria in your gut, as well as your overall health, is stress. Holiday stress is a very real thing which can make your entire time horrible. Do not let the stress get to you this time.

Plan things and events beforehand. Take some time out for yourself rather than attending all events. Don’t be afraid to say no but inform the respective people beforehand.

Join an activity

Exercising during holidays is hard but the seasonal activities are fun! Try working out in creative ways. Go on brisk walks and running with your family at late night or early morning. Do not skip the gym altogether.

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