How To Keep Your Mental Health Stable In the Festive Season?

How To Keep Your Mental Health Stable In the Festive Season?

The start of winters and holidays are the best time of the year for a lot of people. Around the globe, one can see different decorations, foods, and traditions. While some start their gift shopping, others do not quite feel the spirit. For many, this time is loaded with stress and exhaustion.

The reality of the happiest time of the year is far different from that seen on television. It is true that a good number of people do enjoy getting to spend more time with their families and friends. However, it also puts a lot of pressure to keep up with the plans.

Those with stressful lifestyles and jobs will find it hard to manage between attending dinners, buying presents, and planning events themselves. As a result, it takes a toll on their mental health.

According to a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, people tend to take more stress than relieve it during holidays. Surprised? It is more common than most people assume.

What can be done to manage holiday stress? There are simple ways in which a person can cut down stress to a big extent. Sometimes, habits like spending time with family for longer than you can afford can cause problems.

Everyone likes to spend time with their families. However, during the holiday rush, the constant noise and lack of privacy can affect the mental health of a person. Furthermore, one thing often leads to another.

Disturbance at frequent meetups, and at home, in general, leads to bad work performance and added stress. In a similar way, there are many other things that can exhaust a person to a great extent. Here is a holiday guide to keep mental health stable in the festive season.

How To Keep Your Mental Health Stable In the Festive Season?
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How To Survive the Holidays?

Following are some simple changes that can help manage stress during the festive season:

Managing time with family

During the holidays, there is an increasing pressure to visit and see every family member. This time, try to avoid meeting you do not have the time to meet. Apologize and inform them in advance. You would be surprised that some people might even be relieved to hear that.

Setting up a budget

The holiday season can take a big toll on your pocket along with your mental health. Make sure to set a budget and buy gifts, dresses, food, and plan dinners accordingly.

Do not be afraid to serve the less expensive wine and wear a dress from last year either!

Controlling alcohol and food intake

You are likely to see alcoholic drinks at every outing and dinner you attend along with calorie-rich holiday special foods. Try to drink moderate and keep a check on your dietary intake.

It will be hard to do either of the two and you cannot completely avoid or have very little of the either. However, both will be worth it. Unhealthy food and alcohol both are linked to holiday depression. Try avoiding sugar foods, and going for non-alcoholic drinks instead.


Not finding the time to work out is understandable when you have a lot of events to attend. Try not to stop exercising completely. Even if you miss a week or two, do not hesitate to start again. Exercise will actually give you a way to take out all your stress and help your body relax.

Planning alternative activities

Holidays can also be depressing for people who have the opposite of a busy calendar. It can remind them of their loved ones who are no longer in this world and make them feel left out.

If you are one of those people, you may be able to tackle this by planning beforehand. There are many other activities that you can do except attending fancy dinners such as taking seasonal classes, raising funds for charities, and volunteering.

Such activities will make you feel good for serving the community and might give you a chance to meet another person having the same struggles.




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