Not Losing Weight On Keto Diet? Here Is Why

Not Losing Weight On Keto Diet? Here Is Why

The ketogenic diet or Keto diet is among the most famous weight loss plans for this year. There are so many people sharing their weight loss struggles online and how keto diet has helped them in weight loss. All this hype encourages more and more people to try Keto diet for weight loss.

But what if someone is on a keto diet and not losing weight at all? Despite all efforts, what if there is no significant weight loss and you are following the exact same rules?

Looking at the scale daily can be frustrating. The truth is that keto is a lot more than just diet. Following are some common mistakes that you may be making, preventing a weight loss.

Take a look at the following

You are taking so many calories daily

Keto diet is not just about reducing carbs and increasing fats. A basic comparison of both tells that both carbs and fats have high calories. Take an example of 1 gram carb and 1 gram fat. For 1 gram of carb, it makes approximately 4 calories and the same amount makes approximately 9 calories in fat. So if you are lowering your carb intake and taking the exact same in fat, your overall calorie intake is a lot higher now.

The purpose to design keto diet is to utilize fat for energizing the body. When the body has a higher calorie intake it is still possible for the body to use a small portion of them and stock the rest. It means there will be no weight loss at all.

So it is necessary to understand that if you are following a keto diet, focus more on your overall calorie intake for the day. Never exceed a daily calorie limit to make weight loss real for you.

Your body is out of ketosis

Not many people know that it is necessary for the body to remain in ketosis phase for weight loss. Now the next question arises that how to know if you are in a ketosis phase? Well, that depends on how you are calculating and keeping a record of your macros. There are many keto diet apps that you can use. Or you may also take help from a dietician to plan macros for you.

Keep a record of what you are eating. Without that, it is next to impossible to know if you are into ketosis or not. If your carb intake is very low, any food with a below average carb content is much likely to push you over the limit. Any food that seems low carb also has the potential to disrupt your diet if you are exceeding the daily intake limit.

Though it varies in person to person. Everybody is different and what puts one person out of ketosis may not act same for the other. If you aren’t losing any weight despite being on a keto diet, it’s worth getting more information on how keto works.

Many people use keto strips that check your body and evaluate if it is in ketosis or not. The working of these keto strips is simple; all you need is your urine sample and check it on the strip. However, a more accurate test for ketosis is a blood test. If you aren’t sure if you are in ketosis or not, take help from your physician and get a blood test done.

Your stress levels are too high

It is not just the diet that makes you drop weight. There are many other factors that control weight loss. One of such factors is a hormone. Hormones such as cortisol have a role in holding fat and water retention when you are stressed.

Anything that disturbs cortisol level, i.e. stress adds difficulty to a weight loss process. Irrespective of which weight loss diet a person is following, if his cortisol levels are higher, he won’t lose weight.

For balanced hormones, make sure that you are following proper sleep, eating healthy and taking a part in any physical activity i.e. exercise, yoga etc daily.

You are following keto diet off and on

Unless you aren’t intentionally doing this keto cycling, a frequent entry and out of ketosis is not a sound idea. A time will come when it will create a major problem in your weight loss track. At the start, it is easy for the body to come back to ketosis after going out of it. But if you do it frequently, there is no way back to the fat burn process.

The ketogenic diet has a restrictive nature. It doesn’t start working randomly but it takes time. Once your body is into ketosis, the next is to strive hard to stay on it. calling it off on purpose is the probably the worst that you can do to your body while following a keto diet.

You are eating too much keto desserts

Anything that says its keto approved doesn’t mean that it is healthy and you should eat your heart out. Even the keto approved desserts should be taken moderately. A dessert is a dessert that is still high in calories. Using them daily will never make you lose weight.

It is better to limit the keto friendly treats or desserts and nothing of these should exceed once a week. There is no best or worst keto dessert. The key is to take all keto approved foods moderately. Taking them every now and then will make you crave more for desserts and that’s how you will kick your body out of ketosis.

You are not restricting the daily dairy

Even the excess amount of dairy products can also take you out of ketosis. The keto approved flavored yogurt still has carbs in it. If you want to take such foods frequently, reduce their portion and control the overall calorie intake.

Following all the up listed tips can help your body to remain in ketosis. For best, always pen down your daily food and try to calculate the daily calories. After that, you can easily reduce or add any food item of your choice.

If you have more tips and ideas, share them in the comment section with us.





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