How Fish Oil is Affecting the Risk of Developing Cardiac Diseases and Cancer?

How Fish Oil is Affecting the Risk of Developing Cardiac Diseases and Cancer?

Are you still confused about these fish oil pills? Now the studies have answered and cleared all of your confusions. Fish oil supplements taken in correct doses are clearly not beneficial for the healthy people as they will not reduce the risk of cardio diseases and cancer.

The supplements showed a remarkable result on those who had high triglyceride levels in their blood and other risk factors of the heart disease. The correct doses of purified fish oil prescribed by the doctor will help to cut down the heart problems and deaths.

Doctors were extremely happy after finding this result and said now they will be able to easily find a new treatment plan for thousands of patients who are suffering every day.

Around 10% of the total US population takes fish oil supplements but still, the studies are not able to support the false health claims being made by the people.

This study was published by ‘New England Journal of Medicine’ and the results of the study were exposed at the American Heart Association conference on Saturday.

Fish oils are also known by the name of omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon, Mackerel and many other fishes are a rich source of fish oil. They are well known due to the fact that they help in reducing triglyceride and inflammation in the human body. The two basic types of fish oil are EPA and DHA.

A study was conducted out in which 8,000 patients were given 4 grams of Vascepa every day. These patients had an increased level of triglycerides and a higher risk of cardio diseases. All were also taking statin drugs like Lipitor and Zocor. For a comparison, half were given Vascepa and other half was on mineral oil capsules.

After the duration of five years, 17% of people on Vascepa encountered different health problems like heart attack, stroke, clogged arteries or death as compared to the 22% others.

Though fish oil claims to reduce the risk of an irregular heartbeat, the Vascepa showed the results otherwise hospitalizing 3% versus 2% of the other group.

Irregular heartbeats can cause stroke but the most astonishing thing which was observed was that only a few Vascepa people had strokes. Vascpea reduced the risk of all the health problems mentioned above by 25%.

There are only 21 people who need to take Vascepa as long as for 5 years to cut down the risk of the main health issues.

In another study, 26,000 healthy people were given 1 gram daily dose of EPA and DHA combo- fish oil. After 5 years as per the results, cancer, heart attacks, stroke, death, and other problems were found in both fish oil users and the comparison group.

Though there were few heart attacks among the fish oil users that is 145 versus 200 of the comparison group, Dr. Steven Nissen  said: “These findings are speculative and would need to be confirmed in a separate trial.”

The comparison oils which were used may not have been true placebos. The first study which used the mineral oil can interfere with other things like statin drugs, cholesterol and have made the conditions worse of the comparison group indirectly making Vascepa look better.

The other study also made the same mistake by using olive oil, it may have helped the comparison group by depriving the fish oil users of the same benefit. However, both the leaders don’t agree and say that comparison oil effects are not enough to change the whole main result.

Though the independent experts have agreed to their point still Nissen is conducting out another study using corn oil for the comparison group.



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