Childhood Exercise may Cure your Health Issues Inherited by Obese Father

Childhood Exercise may Cure your Health Issues Inherited by Obese Father

Developing a habit of exercise in childhood can gift your body with long-lasting health benefits as well as the ability to fight back the risk of developing the disease which you have inherited from your obese father. This statement is supported by the research published in The Journal of Physiology.

Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas to keep in check the amount of sugar in the body. However, some of the people develop a condition in which their body becomes less sensitive to insulin that is their blood sugar levels most of the times remain high. This can cause the person to develop type 2 diabetes.

Children who have obese or high-fat diet intake fathers are at a greater risk of developing low insulin sensitivity. This new research finds out that early childhood exercise can reverse many of the negative health effects caused by your obese father such as counteracting the risk of diabetes in adulthood.

A study was carried out by Victoria University and the University of Melbourne, in which the researchers bred the obese male rats with healthy female rats. After the process of weaning the offspring produced did exercise on regular basis for 4 weeks. They were now classified as adults in response to sensitivity to glucose and insulin, function of skeletal muscle, and structure of pancreas.

The offsprings of obese fathers usually developed a low insulin sensitivity response to the whole body and skeletal muscles as well as a reduced amount of insulin secretion. The early exercise in the initial stage of childhood prevented the offspring from going to the negative page of effects caused by a rich fat diet of their fathers.

One of the important things to remember is that the early exercise did not bring any positive effect to the pancreas. This was a very interesting thing as the rats who are born small as compared to their gestational age like humans more often had pancreatic issues but doing early exercise prevented rats from developing pancreatic problems.

The study carried out had some certain limitations like they did not focus on the age as well as the time when and how these changes are taking place. This will help the further researchers to know when preventive interventions should be introduced during the optimal periods in childhood.

The main goal of the researchers was to focus on how the genes were altering and to find out the relationship between the father’s diet and early exercise of offspring plus to which extent exercise and fathers diet can affect the offspring’s physiology. They also wanted to find out that whether large mammals also follow the same path which has a similar developmental rate as of humans.

Dr. Filippe Falcao-Tebas and Professor Glenn McConnell, the first author and the senior author on the study respectively commented on the outcomes of the research that obesity in father caused by a heavy fat diet can have negative effects on the metabolism of the offspring.

The study showed that only early exercise can gift the offspring with long-lasting benefits and a normal muscle insulin sensitivity when they grow up. Much more work is still needed to be done to understand that which genes are switching on and off and are bringing such health benefits to the offsprings’ body.


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