Ten Ways To Lose Weight With No Exercise

Ten Ways To Lose Weight With No Exercise

Diet and exercise seem like two things that go side by side to make a person lose weight. This weight loss without exercise is one of the biggest desires for many people.

But building the exercise routine adds extra pressure to them and the weight loss seems like an impossible goal to achieve. People try to do everything that’s in their hands to shed the extra weight.

But many of them don’t know about certain tips and tricks that make weight loss easier.

If you want to make your weight loss to happen even without exercise, try following these tricks.

Make a mess around you

Yes, you have heard it right. Despite the clean habits and stuff, if you start gathering all the food wrappers, peels and nut shells around you, you will know what have you eaten.

All this stuff sounds garbage but this way you will be able to see the damage that you have done to your health. All this junk, unnecessary and nutrition-less food will remind you of exactly how much you’ve eaten. Also, it will stop you when you’re full.

Change your mind on certain foods

Does the thought of gym or vegetable salads scare you? Does it feel like a hardship that you would be troubling yourself a lot? Well time to change this mindset now.

All these things are necessary if you want to control, lose or maintain your weight. By adopting a positive mindset, you will increase your chances to succeed. But what does this cost?

There is no money or anything valuable involved. You will be losing nothing at all. All it takes is your thinking from “I can’t” to “I can”. These little life choices add a lot to your health and daily life matters.

Say goodbye to romantic candlelight dinners

Sounds irrelevant but here is what it will do for you. Do you know that dim lights that most of the restaurants follow to make you eat more than normal? This way you will not actually see or care on how much you have eaten.

People using dim lights in dining rooms tend to eat more than those who add lights to the dining area. It is the right time to turn up the lights and pay attention to what and how much are you eating.

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Ditch the drinks

Empty calories taste yum but partially do nothing but weight gain. Do you know that even a diet soda is damaging for your health? Although it looks like a good compromise between sticking to your diet and still enjoying a complimentary beverage.

The artificial sweeteners in these sodas are not diet friendly. In fact, they make you gain more weight by interacting with certain enzymes and hormones in your body. So if you want to lose weight, simply ditch all types of drinks in your diet.

Use scents to overcome cravings

Do you know that some scents like vanilla are helpful in losing weight? It is proven by certain studies that people wearing a vanilla-scented patch on their wrists experience fewer food cravings. It particularly helps against desserts and sweets cravings. Try one to see if it works for you.

Do not ignore your water intake

Water is the essential component of life, we all agree to it. But it is necessary to hydrate your body cells so that they perform all their functions routine wise. Fruit juices, water-rich foods are good ways to balance the water level.

But none of them is a replacement of water. So in addition to your routine coffee, tea, juices, and salads, make sure that you are consuming 8-12 glass water throughout the day.

Drink more water in summer or if you are following a regular workout schedule. When your body sweats, it is a sign to balance this water excretion by taking more water.

Cook at home

Let’s just accept that you can never lose weight if you keep on ordering the junk food or basically any food from outside vendors. The restaurant business owners are not much cautious about their quality of ingredient and only look for taste in food.

But being a health conscious person who is struggling to lose weight, this is not what you can afford. The best is to cook your food at home and stop ordering food from restaurants. This way you will keep an eye on what you are eating. If you spend too much time outdoors, you can also pack homemade food to eat at work.

Replace desserts with fruits

Craving for sweets? The best is to eat fruits enriched in natural sugar. The yummy desserts that we all see at bakeries and restaurants are good on taste buds but heavy on health. There is almost no nutritional value in these desserts and yet they add so much to your daily calorie intake.

The best you can do here is to make your own desserts by using a major portion of fruits. Even if you are consuming calories, the nutritional count of the fruits will add goodness to your health.

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Don’t fall for the sugar-free lie

Remember that not everything that labels itself as “sugar-free” is actually sugar-free. This is a lie that various manufacturers and restaurant owners use to trap the customers. There is nothing as sugar-free. And in anyways this added sugar is dangerous for you.

The artificial sweeteners are worst in this case. Try to avoid all types of artificial sweeteners and stop using them as a replacement for sugar. There is no replacement of sugar so don’t let yourself fall for this trap next time.

Never skip your breakfast

Don’t like to eat much in the morning? Not a good habit! This is a common habit that makes people off losing weight. They think that skipping breakfast is the best great way to cut calories from diet.

But usually, all these people end up eating a lot more throughout the day. It is even proven by studies that people who skip breakfast eat more than normal in the remaining hours.

To avoid this, try eating a healthy breakfast, such as a bowl of whole-grain cereal topped with fruit and low-fat dairy. This is a healthy, yummy and nutritious start to a day.



Have something to add to the list? Share your weight loss tips in the comments below.



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