Never swallow a pill without water-research says

Never swallow a pill without water-research says

Thinking of quickly swallowing an Advil without water, finding it totally harmless? Not the case. You would not believe what dangers would it bring to you.

Many of us often consider taking a pill without water. The reason is varied. Sometimes we are in a hurry, too lazy to go and fetch the water or there is no water around us at that time. It seems completely harmless but do you know that swallowing any pill without water is dangerous and even fatal sometimes?

Ever wondered why do all medicines and supplement companies emphasize swallowing it with water? Not only because it makes swallowing easy but also it helps to prevent the pill to get stuck in your esophagus. If this happened, by any chance, it is a huge trouble that you have invited.

Medicines that are lodged inside the esophagus may cause irritability and inflammation. It may also show symptoms like heartburn and chest pain to esophagitis, and sometimes even bleeding and holes.

There are no pain nerves in any part of the esophagus. That’s why the symptoms don’t show up right away. It is difficult to identify if a pill has made it all the way down or not.

Sometimes people experience chest pains or heartburn like feeling. It may look like a temporary discomfort. Over the time any stuck pill can break down and damage the tissues of the esophagus that are very delicate otherwise. It may cause painful internal bleeding and/or hemorrhage. The patient may also suffer from extreme dehydration and all these things together may become a serious health concern.

Here is a scientific proof of it.

A recent study published in the Turkish Journal of Gastroenterology explained that all types of pills could cause an ulcer in the esophagus. However, the researcher Dr. Caudle believed a few common medications to have a high risk than others when they are stuck inside. These common drugs include medicines for treating osteoporosis, antibiotics, and over-the-counter pain relievers.

Common painkillers like Advil are sometimes swallowed without water. This type of medicines is more problematic when they are stuck inside you.

To avoid all such complications, it is better to wash them down and swallow them completely with drinking plenty of water. The researchers also advise taking pills standing or sitting. Swallowing any pill while lying down adds the chances of it to get stuck even if you take it with water.

For the safe side, take a pill at least 10-15 minutes before going to bed. This is the settling time that you would be giving to your body, allowing the pill to reach esophagus.

It doesn’t mean that if you are drinking water with any pill, it will always get stuck into your esophagus. This is just a risk and it is higher when you have a low immunity or have other medical conditions. Just make sure that you are following the standard guidelines whenever taking any pill, whether or not medicinal.




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