How To Make Your Own Bath Bombs

How To Make Your Own Bath Bombs

While going through the aisles in grocery stores, we often get fascinated by new products. You might have seen many new inventions for relaxation and fun which did not exist ten years ago. Bath bombs are one of them. From bloggers to celebrities to everyday people, everyone loves the colorful, glittery bursts. The only concern with bath bombs is some of the ingredients used in them. To solve this issue, you can learn to make your own bath bombs at home.

Bath bombs are good for a couple of reasons. No matter what age you are, you cannot deny their aesthetic appeal. They can make your normal baths more fun especially when you want to lay in a warm one on the weekend.

In addition, many of the bombs also contain moisturizers that are good for the skin. So, what is the issue? It is the other ingredients we tend to ignore and actually should not.

It turns out that almost all bath bombs contain chemicals, artificial dyes, and scents. The FDA regulation over them is not very clear. So, if you are concerned with these new-age products, it is understandable, especially if you are getting them for your kids.

Since they are not a necessity in life, you may stop using them. But they also add a bit of fun in the stressful lifestyles of every person today. So, what can you do? It’s easy, make your own! Follow the recipe given below for easy, and safe bath bombs.

How Do These Bath Bombs Work?

Almost every other person adores bath bombs. They can add a twist to otherwise boring baths. A majority of them also smell great and can lighten up your mood with the colorful explosion in your bathtub.

However, according to some studies and the ingredients used in those bombs, it is best to make your own. It is better for your own self as well as the environment as the recipe uses all natural ingredients in the making.

As for the glittery appeal, using biodegradable glitter or rose petals is a good substitute. Other than all of this, they will work and dissolve in the water the same way as store-bought bath bombs.

Another advantage of making your own bath bombs is that they are actually much cheaper in comparison. Though they are common now, most of the bombs are heavy on the pocket. The ones with extra material or special patterns cost even more.

This recipe uses no more than 8 ingredients, many of which might be present in your kitchen right now. It is super easy to follow as well.

DIY Homemade Bath Bombs Recipe 

The recipe is easy to follow and you will be done with the main part within an hour. The only part which takes time is the drying process. The size depends on your molds. Usually, smaller ones produce a dozen of them in one go.


  • 4oz cornstarch
  • 8oz baking soda
  • 2tbsp essential oils of your choice
  • 4oz Epsom salt
  • 4oz citric acid
  • Rose petals or biodegradable glitter
  • 4-6 drops food coloring
  • 2.5tbsp coconut oil
  • 1tbsp water


Start by mixing baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, and cornstarch together. Make sure it is free of clumps. You may also add rose petals or eco-friendly glitter if you want at this point.

In a separate bowl combine coconut oil, essential oil, water, and food coloring. Take this mixture and slowly add to the dry ingredients.

The end result should look like sand. Then quickly add the final result to the molds of your choice before it dries out. The bombs will take no longer than a day to dry out completely. They will be both good for the environment and without chemicals.

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