Easy Steps For Making Whitening Cream

Easy Steps For Making Whitening Cream

The skin is the largest organ of the body. Whatever you will apply to it, will go directly into the bloodstream. This is why most of us are very careful about buying skincare products. We want the best results such as clearer skin with assured safety. Wanting lighter skin is also common in people. However, most do not want to take the risk of using chemical creams to get a lighter skin tone. The good news easy you can now make your own whitening cream in easy steps.

Though everyone is beautiful in their own way and every skin color is beautiful, wanting to be slightly darker or lighter is completely normal. Many people want to do it to boost their self-confidence and feel better about themselves.

In addition, skin lightening creams are also used to lighten certain darkened areas of the skin. Exposure to the sun, acne, and many skin conditions leave behind an uneven skin tone. Many of us also just want to make our skin the way it was before and have an even skin tone.

Whatever you use a skin whitening cream for, it is important to go for the safest option. This is because a big number of these creams contain extremely harmful chemicals that may worsen your skin. Follow the easy steps for making whitening cream given below to make your safer alternative at home.

How Does This Skin Whitening Cream Work?

Skin whitening creams are popular in many parts of the world. You are likely to find all kinds of creams that make such claims in stores from the ones from high-end popular brands to locally manufactured ones.

Many of the organic whitening creams do work and make your face not only even-toned but smoother and softer. However, a lot of us cannot afford to spend that much on a cream.

In fact, the population in the areas where skin-lightening creams are most-used actually buy the cheaper ones more because of the lesser prices. According to studies done on popular affordable creams, many of them contain dangerous chemicals.

Steroids and certain substances that may cause hormonal fluctuations were also found in the creams. This is why you see fast results by using many of the creams. They are almost miraculous but harmful in the long term. You may end up getting serious skin problems years later.

The best solution to your skin problems is using the natural skin-lightening agents. Many of the items from your kitchen may come in handy when it comes to solving most skin issues. In the case of skin whitening cream, there is no exception.

DIY Homemade Skin Whitening Cream


  • 1 and a half cup plain greek yogurt
  • Pinch of organic turmeric
  • 2tbsp of lemon juice
  • 1teaspoon honey
  • 4-5 almonds


Crush the almonds using a food processor until a fine powder forms. You may even directly powder almond floor. Combine it with all other ingredients in a bowl. Stir thoroughly until all of them are well-mixed.

Add the final result to an air-tight lid jar. This mixture would not resemble the consistency of a thick cream a lot but will serve the same purpose. Apply a generous amount of it every night before going to bed. You will most likely see results in 8-12 weeks.


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