Does Cottonseed Oil Decrease the Bad Cholesterol in Blood?

Does Cottonseed Oil Decrease the Bad Cholesterol in Blood?

Increased levels of cholesterol can be very dangerous for health as they can impose an increased risk for serious cardio and vascular problems. A high cholesterol diet can add to the already increased levels of a person’s cholesterol level, but a new team of researchers has advised that a new type of oil- not very known to the public- can act as to prevent hyperlipidemic state.

Difference Between LDL Cholesterol and HDL Cholesterol

In layman terms, there are generally two types of cholesterol: HDL (short for high-density lipoprotein)- known as good cholesterol, and LDL (short for low-density lipoprotein)- known to common people as bad cholesterol.

LDL is often referred to as bad cholesterol as it has the tendency to accumulate in the blood vessels. Increased accumulation of this type of cholesterol can interfere with the normal working of the blood circulation and, if it gets over-accumulated in the heart vessels, can cause a heart attack. Or if it over accumulates in the brain it can cause a stroke, leading to death.

On the contrary, doctors refer HDL as good cholesterol as it acts against LDL and helps the body to remove it. HDL captures LDL molecules and transfer it to the liver where it is metabolized into waste. The kidney then works on this waste and pushes it away from the body in urine

Many specialists have made a list of diets that prevent LDL level from reaching high levels in the blood. Strong adherence to these types of diets can help increase HDL and, therefore, lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

In order to prevent LDL cholesterol from reaching high levels in the blood, specialists advise people to adhere to diets that promote high HDL and low LDL cholesterol.

A team of researchers in the University of Georgia, Athens have recently published a study in which they have stated that using cottonseed oil in a high-fat diet can help decrease the LDL levels in any given patient. This research appeared in the journal famously known as Nutrition Research.

Is cottonseed oil more effective than olive oil?

15 males participants aged between 18-45 within healthy to obese weight range were chosen as subjects. They were asked to follow either of the provided high-fat diets, each of which contained a particular component unknown to the subjects.

In one type of high-fat diet, the researchers used olive oil to enrich the food. In the other type, they used cottonseed oil. The subjects were asked to strictly adhere to their assigned diet for no less than 5 days.

Finally, after comparing the results of both diet regimens, the researchers concluded that cottonseed oil diet was more effective in reducing the LDL cholesterol and triglycerides (TGs) level. On the other hand, the subjects who were given olive oil enriched meals saw no visible changes in cholesterol levels.

Author of the study, Jamie Cooper said that it was “too exciting” for her to see cottonseed oil reduce the levels of cholesterol in such a limited amount of time. Cooper, in her statement, notified that it is due to high levels of polyunsaturated fats and omega-6, that cottonseed oil is so potent in reducing LDL cholesterol.

The limitations of the research include the fact that older participants were not included. The investigators aim to learn more about the benefits of cottonseed oil by recruiting older patients having already high blood cholesterol levels.


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