Which pets are best for kids

Which pets are best for kids

Owning a pet is equally enjoyable for a child as it is for a grown-up person. But a well-chosen pet will make this experience of having a pet for a child even better. This is important for their growth because it teaches the kids some valuable lessons like caring for others, responsibility, and affection. However, it is important to understand which pets are the best for kids. Following is a list of the most suitable pets for your child.

A fishy

Having a fish is a perfect start to own a pet. Not all fish would work for this reason. Goldfish is one of the best pet ideas for your child. It is a little more difficult to raise than other common fish as goldfish like to live alone in a small amount of water. But the good thing is that they can live without any aerators, filters, heaters, or chemicals that are normally required for other fish.

A tortoise

The idea to keep a cold-blooded animal may not be as fascinating as a warm animal but it is a good thing to start. Small animals like a tortoise, especially the plant-eating Russian tortoise is the best option for a child. It lives for years and does not require any out of the way effort. Other reptiles such as snakes are not recommended for kids for safety reasons.

A bird

A bird makes an excellent choice as your child’s new pet. However, having a bird is more demanding than a goldfish or tortoise. Birds are very intelligent and social. They need so much time and attention, which a child may not fulfill. However, teaching your child a responsible attitude will flourish if you allow him to keep a pet bird.

A rodent

If the above options do not fascinate you, you can consider small mammals like hamsters, guinea pigs, or gerbils that are easy to keep. They require a small area and only the basic care. Hamsters are somehow a different option that must be kept the same-sex pair. Be careful of the possible bites by these small rodents. They bite when they are scared or feel threatened.

A furry kitty

Kittens are children’s favorite and for the right reasons. Kittens are adorable and having a fluffy friend around is probably the best that your kid can have. Cats are notoriously independent and they don’t need much care and attention as dogs. But you have to be very careful about their regular veterinary checkups and vaccinations. Also, it is important to choose a suitable cat around your children when you have a limited living area.

A little puppy

A little cuddly puppy is the most favorite pet of all people including kids. But it is necessary to choose an ideal pup for your kids when you are keeping it for your child. Some dogs are not suitable for kids. So before adopting a dog, make sure that it is comfortable and friendly around kids. So far, Labrador, retrievers, boxers, and beagles are the best pet dog choices for kids.


Though not a popular choice for a pet it is entertaining to have a pet insect. It is also an educational experience for your child but makes sure that he is at least in schooling age. Insects don’t make a good pet choice for young kids.


A brine shrimp or famous as sea monkey is the small crustacean species that your child may enjoy. They are available everywhere and you just have to add water to them. These tiny shrimps will emerge and bloom soon. They are low maintenance, only need food once a week and occasionally need water to stay hydrated. A whole colony lasts for months even with minimal care.

Pet care guide

Owning a pet is a positive experience for kids in growing age. These pets provide the best feelings of companionship, entertainment, and learning. In between your own benefits, don’t forget to teach your kids that pets are living creatures and they also need care and attention.

Their maintenance involves a financial add-on too. So only adopt pets if you can manage to keep them. Also, help your kids while raising a pet and supervise their activities.




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