Why Am I Not Losing Weight

Why Am I Not Losing Weight

Are you working out regularly and eating salads instead of burgers but you aren’t losing weight? If yes, there is probably a reason behind it. More importantly, there must be a fix to everyone questioning why am I not losing weight.

Here are a few things that you need to know to achieve your weight loss goals.

You are losing weight slowly

Weight loss is not the same for everyone. There is this false notion that following any popular diet you will drop many pounds in a month. This is an unrealistic standard. The normal weight loss is just half a pound per week. That makes a total of 26 pounds a year, approximately. It shows that even a slow rate weight loss is still a weight loss.

You aren’t hydrating yourself

The human body is only capable of burning the calories when it is hydrated enough. This fat burning process is very expensive this way. Anyone who is attempting to lose weight normally needs more than 48 ounces of fluid intake daily.

The hydration levels can be judged from the stool analysis. If it is too hard and you are feeling constipated, it is a sign that you aren’t taking enough water.

Not having enough sleep

There is a minute difference between sleeping, oversleeping and under-sleeping. The human body is like a machine and it needs proper rest for its activation. Anytime when you are sleeping for seven hours or less, the metabolic rate of the body reduces to a dangerous level.

The same person will burn far fewer calories as compared to a person who is taking a complete sleep and is on a weight loss mission.

You are taking excessive medicines

Watch out for your daily medicines. All those foods, which are used to control blood pressure, diabetes or stress have drastic effects of weight. These excessive medicines make you gain weight. It doesn’t mean that you should stop taking these medicines.

The best idea is to talk to your doctor about it. For all the patients who are on weight loss plan must consult their primary care physicians. It is to ensure if there is anything that can be used as an alternative to these medicines.

If not, it is recommended to use a low carb or low-calorie diet to get rid of the weight.

Your workout is insufficient

Weight loss plateaus are common when you drop a few pounds but the body levels it out. It happens when you switch and add routine activities that you aren’t normally doing in routine. Usually, the same type of workouts or machines may add up to this.

To avoid it, the best strategy is to try a number of new exercises i.e. strength training, sprints, high-intensity interval training, and others.

Your body is under stress

Stress plays a vital role in weight loss. Is someone is going through a chronic stress phase; it makes the body believe that the only way to deal with stress is through calories. That’s why some people feel hungry when they are stressed.

Food is soothing and comforting in this situation. It means that stress management is as important as anything else to make weight loss possible for you.

You prefer exercise to nutrition

Spending hours at the gym is easy for you but you aren’t eating well. If this is what you have been doing, this not losing weight has an answer. People often believe that if they are working out more, they will shed weight. But to tell you the truth, every weight loss is 75-80% diet and only 20-25% exercise. So if nutrition is insufficient, working out for long hours wouldn’t help in weight loss.

You are eating irregularly

If you are avoiding all big meals, sodas, sugar, and baked food, but munching on nuts and various crackers, this is not a diet. Many times people underestimate their daily food intake, especially when on diet.

They don’t add liquid calories or snacks in daily calorie intake. That’s why they miscalculate their daily calories and this is one of the most common reasons on why aren’t you losing weight.




The author is a Medical Microbiologist and healthcare writer. She is a post-graduate of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. She covers all content on health and wellness including weight loss, nutrition, and general health. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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