Symptoms You May Be Having Dementia

Symptoms You May Be Having Dementia

As a person ages and the body gets older, it automatically becomes more prone to developing certain health conditions. The risk of this happening is increased if you are not taking caring of yourself naturally. The good thing is that a new trend of being more conscious about health is emerging especially in the older age groups. In addition to watching diet and staying fit, you should also check on symptoms that show you may be having dementia.

Contrary to the popular belief, dementia is not actually termed as a disease. In fact, it is actually caused by another health issue or due to many other reasons. Genetic dispositioning and family history play an important role in having dementia as well.

Putting it more precisely, dementia can be called as a decline in mental abilities of a person. The affected person must have at least two impairments to be cited as a dementia patient. The conditions mainly affected the judgment, memory, behavior, and thinking of a person.

In fact, the person may start behaving in such a different way that they are unrecognizable. If dementia symptoms are severe, the patient may not be able to perform the simplest of tasks anyone is able to do easily.

In some, dementia may even worsen over time and is progressive. In other cases, the condition can be controlled as well as completely treated. However, many of the health professionals also keep the term dementia to irreversible mental deterioration.

Causes Of Dementia

A person may develop dementia due to many reasons. The issue can start due to another health problem that affects neurons and how they function. For example, vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease mainly affect the brain cells of the person and cause disturbances anywhere in the nervous system.

Both of the mentioned conditions are neurodegenerative. This means that they cause the destruction of the important neurons in the body. The neurons will either start behaving in an abnormal way to get completely eradicated.

They are also many other such conditions that may also cause dementia such as Parkinson’s disease and frontotemporal dementia. Secondly, you may have dementia after malfunctioning if you have problems that affect other systems in your body like metabolic, kidney, and liver disorders.

Infections and structural problems in the brain like subdural hematoma are also linked with dementia. If you are a heavy drinker or have been exposed to certain chemicals like lead, your chances of having dementia automatically disease as well. Family history and genes play a big role too.

Symptoms of Dementia

Following are the symptoms of dementia:

  • Having short-term memory loss
  • Difficulty in expression and speaking
  • Mood swings
  • Having depression and anxiety
  • Forgetting
  • Not being able to understand complex problems
  • Not understanding directions
  • Difficulty in performing simple tasks
  • Repeating the same thing over and over again
  • Constant confusion
  • Not being able to concentrate

Risks and Precautions

The risk of dementia can only be decreased by controlling any other related disease and following your doctor’s instructions.

Once you do that, the condition is not hard to control. Ideally, a person needs a healthy diet, at least 45 minutes of exercise daily, and appropriate medication to not let dementia take over him or her.

Since dementia is also due to poor habits like sedentary lifestyles, drinking too much alcohol and poor diets, it is also important to follow a healthy lifestyle, in general, to avoid having dementia in the future.

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