How to get rid of period cramps naturally?

How to get rid of period cramps naturally?

Period cramps or menstrual cramps are those sore muscles that almost all women experience while menstruating. They may start hitting your body before periods and last till your period last. Periods are a sign of a healthy female body. But the constant throbbing and painful cramps come alongside it. That’s why almost every women search for any way to get rid of period cramps naturally.

Usually what happens is that your uterus contracts to expel its inner lining during your period. Prostaglandins, a group of chemical agent, is involved in this period of pain and period cramps. It triggers the uterine contraction to shed the lining but for some women, it gives them severe menstrual cramps. These cramps hinder in performing various daily activities. That’s why it is necessary to get rid of period cramps.

Here are some natural ways to get rid of period cramps naturally.


Though it sounds a little weird that exercise will heal these cramps. But the truth is that any type of light physical activity will make a period easier for you. When you do an exercise like aerobics, it improves the blood circulation.

It makes your body release endorphins to counter prostaglandins that reduce menstrual cramps. The best is to exercise three to four times a week even during your period.

Heat compress

Heat helps to make the contracting body muscles relax. The same contracting muscles of the uterus are responsible for this period of pain. That is why it is recommended to use heating pads, patches or homemade compress during the period to reduce pain and swelling.

You may get a number of over the counter heating pads that are reusable. Use them on uterus, hips, thighs and anywhere around. Alternatively, you can use a heated hot water bottle if you don’t have a heating pad.

Herbal tea

All organic herbal teas have a soothing effect on your body. In the case of period cramps and pain, sipping an herbal tea of your choice will relax you. In this regard, chamomile tea has healing properties, especially against period pain.

Chamomile tea is one of the best natural ways to stop period cramps and pain. It is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that reduces prostaglandin production, thus relieves menstrual cramps.

Vitamin D

It is always the best idea to work on your body before a problem hits you. This way the dangers and risks of any health condition are reduced. As for your body, vitamin D is necessarily required. For menstrual cramps, the role of vitamin D should not be ignored.

Anyone who has a good level of vitamin D in her body will never have to experience painful periods followed by uterine cramps. Make sure that you are taking a sufficient dose of vitamin D.  Consult your healthcare provider to get your vitamin D levels checked. If required, they may recommend you a vitamin D supplement. Also, take care of your diet and take vitamin D rich fortified foods.

Quit smoking

Another preventive step to get rid of period cramps forever is to quit smoking. There is much research-based evidence that smoking, even passive smoking increases the risk of menstrual pain and cramps. Quitting cigarettes will not only make your monthly period easy for you but also improve your overall health.

Hormonal birth control pills

If you are planning birth control, prefer using a hormonal birth control pill. Other than contraception, these pills will make a huge difference for women who suffer from severe period pain and cramps. The patients of endometriosis can get a lot more benefit than other women because, for them, monthly periods are no less than a trauma.

For other women with regular periods, the cramps will go away as soon as they start a hormonal birth control contraception. All these pills regulate your natural hormones and decrease all types of fluctuations, thus they stop period cramps.



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