Caffeine Clean your Bowels Quickly- Study Says

Caffeine Clean your Bowels Quickly- Study Says

Imagine your life without a cup of hot steaming coffee…How do you feel about it? Obviously, you must be cringing upon this thought. Coffee these days has become one of our basic necessities, without it the morning seems to be so incomplete.

Science has also supported coffee for many proven health benefits like it helps to reduce depression, speeds up metabolism and supplies your body with a boost of energy. One of the amazing benefits of coffee is that it also aids one in egestion.

How is this even possible?

Coffee not only kickstarts your morning but also triggers your bowels movements. A study was conducted by the National Institute of Health which clearly showed that coffee has a great impact on a person’s body, particularly women. It helps more than 29% of the population to egest out in the morning. Coffee shows a much better result in women than men.

Why coffee can aid you in egestion?

The best thing about coffee is that it contains caffeine which boosts your metabolism. This indirectly signals the bowel system to flush out the remains in your body. Thus caffeine steadfast the metabolism of a person. The higher the amount of caffeine in your coffee the greater the chances of doing poop.

Caffeine needs only 30 minutes after your intake to initiate a reaction in the colon. Truth to be told, only one cup of coffee can bring marvelous changes to your everyday life. A human body needs the only cup of coffee to clean their colon rather than a 1000 calorie meal.

Caffeine boosts the process of peristalsis that is the contraction of bowel muscles. Upon drinking coffee, one feels a sudden rush to go to the bathroom because of the fact that caffeine reacts with blood and kicks the metabolism within those 30 minutes of drinking.

Other than this benefit caffeine also helps in relaxing the muscles of the colon. This aids in balancing the bowel movements. Some part of appreciation also goes to magnesium that further helps the body in these processes.

Looking into the matter of fact, coffee can be a great help for those people who are suffering from severe constipation. Coffee, to be honest, is not causing much harm to your body but can cause frequent visits to your bathroom.

Can tea also perform the same function as coffee?

According to science coffee is one of the best laxative and tea cannot compete with it. Coffee can be a great help for constipated people. However, caffeine is a strong laxative that can cause loose stools in some people which is obviously not welcomed by any of us. The only solution to this issue to have control over the cups of coffee you take every day.

If in case it is difficult for you to reduce the intake of coffee then go for its different varieties like expresso which contains a little less caffeine than the original coffee. Another method for overcoming this issue is to eat something with your coffee. This will kill your sudden urge to poop.

All people should control their caffeine intake, especially the ones with irritable bowel syndrome. They should completely eliminate caffeine from their diet as it is a strong laxative and can leave a harsh impact on your sensitive stomach.

Hilary Jensen

Hilary is a Food Science and Nutrition graduate with specialization in diet planning and weight loss. She enjoys reading and writing on Food, Nutrition, Diet, Weight Loss, and General Health.

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