Chronic Stress Can Eat your Brain Up to a Great Level!

Chronic Stress Can Eat your Brain Up to a Great Level!

Now you should really stop worrying about everything as stress can shrink your brain to a great extent. It is now or never. In accordance with the new publication in Neurology, chronic stress is toxic for your health as it can reduce the volume of grey matter in many parts of the brain which plays a number of important functions in your body. These areas of the brain are responsible for carrying out many functions in the body like self-control, creating new memories and even thinking.

The study conducted out compared the cortisol levels as well as the volume of brain, memory, and attention of different people. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone. The study showed that people with higher cortisol levels had a lower volume of the brain than the people who were having a low concentration of stress hormone.

The results which found out were more clear and evident in women. In simple words, stress has the capability to shrink your brain easily. Another study was also conducted out at the University of California which found that chronic stress can even bring some changes to your brain which will further result in mood disorders and extreme anxiety.

According to researchers if a person stays in a constant phase of stress then he may be at risk of severe headaches, cardio diseases, and weight gain. This does not only stop over here, but constant stress can also cause you sleep issues.

What is Cortisol- the Stress Hormone?

Cortisol, as mentioned above, is the stress hormone which can initiate a fight and flight response in your body at times of stress and low glucose level in blood. Cortisol in simple words is a steroid hormone as is classified in the class of glucocorticoid hormones. This hormone is secreted by the part of adrenal cortex by the adrenal gland.

What Should you do After Knowing This?

The answer to your question is quite simple and clear. You only need to overcome with your stress. In fact to know more about this issue more research is still needed.

Trying to kick some stress out of your life is totally not a bad option. Obviously, it is clearly not possible that one can totally live a stress-free life. In fact, in some of the cases, stress can prove to be helpful for you. Stress in a small amount can help you to work better by increasing your efficiency level.

Though it is completely understandable that life can be very stressful sometimes but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying; one should make sure that stress does not make him feel down. Just to remind you that this article is talking about chronic stress which can pull you on a deathbed.

Of course it easy to say and hard to do but by taking small steps you can achieve your target. Go for the things which you love to do most and try to take some time for meditation and relax. In addition to this, one should also avoid using processed foods and caffeine as a brief spike of energy in your blood can trigger mood swings and migraines. Caffeine not only further intensify your mood swings but also triggers your stress hormone.

One of the best things you can do is to work on your lifestyle. The quote by Benjamin Franklin is indeed true “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

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