Are Number of Calories a Necessary Thing to Consider During Weight Loss?

Are Number of Calories a Necessary Thing to Consider During Weight Loss?

During the weight loss plan, one tries their level best to keep a strict check on their calorie intake. But, there is a ton of information provided on the internet every day which can easily screw your nuts on the things you should eat and the things you should avoid. The fact we don’t realize is that there is one more thing which is much more important than the calorie count and that is the source of calories.

Bioscientists from California carried out a study of 22 people to know the connection between calories and the cardio diseases as well as obesity. The result was quite interesting, all the calories are not the same and the calories found in sugary substances had a greater risk of developing cardio diseases and obesity. So in simple words intake of sugar can increase your chances of diabetes and obesity.

One can get easily confused by counting calories on every product. However, the most important thing you need to remember is the effect of every calorie on the metabolic effect. One should keep in their mind that the source of calorie plays a critical role in metabolism as well as in the source of energy.

In a nutshell, this doesn’t only matter how much calories you are taking on a daily basis, the food from which you are gaining the calories also means a lot. This plays a more powerful role in health than the number of calories.

Does Calorie Number Play an Important Role in Weight Loss?

The most important thing one keeps in mind for losing fat is to burn more calories than their daily consumption. It has been found out that the two foods of same calorie count may burn in very different ways. For instance, a can of soda and a potato contains the same calorie content, but both the things affect your body in very different ways.

The science behind this theory is, every calorie has its own unique chemical structure and as compared to other calories performs a different function in the body. Every calorie has also a different time to burn while some of are harder to get rid of.

This is why many people suggest that it is better to have unsaturated fats in nuts, seed and some oils like mustard than meat and processed foods. Though both of the things contain the same number of calories, but seeds and nuts are considered as essential due to the fact that they reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Not all processed foods react to our body in the same way. The fat and protein content in the food also makes a huge difference. Like potato chips will not cause a lot of damage to your body.

One of the best ways to balance your meal is to make a perfect food choice. According to scientists calories cannot be classified into bad or good. The type of calorie totally depends on the source from which you are fulfilling your daily calorie requirement. It is now your responsibility to make healthy choices and keeps everything in moderation.

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