Bizarre Body Facts That Are True

Bizarre Body Facts That Are True

 Let’s just accept that we all hear bizarre stories and odd things about the human body. Some of them are weird or funny but at some point, we do think about them. Following are some weird body facts explained that may surprise you.

Your feet grow with age

This is the first fact that people may tell you. How does it sound that your feet also grow with age? This is not true but it is certainly possible. With age, the arches flatten which makes the feet look wider and bigger than normal. Still, it doesn’t happen to everyone.

Only the overweight people, suffering from swollen feet, ankles or people with medical conditions i.e. diabetes are more likely to experience it. This increase in size is not painful; it only increases the shoe size a little.

Digestive tract reverses when you are on a roller coaster

Have you ever experienced that weird feeling on a roller coaster that sometimes makes you feel nauseated? The first time it feels like a burden on chest and second phase feels like a torture. Using a seat belt on roller coaster helps but the loosely connected internal organs i.e. stomach and intestines get a little irritated.

But this doesn’t mean that roller coaster ride is not damaging your innards. It’s only that your nerves detect the movement, which feels like your stomach has been shifted to your throat.

The image is taken from “CNN” website

Women are always colder than men

The body heats up when there is a high percentage of body fat and thus it conserves more heat. It helps the vital organs to be nicely heated. But when the hands and feet are cold, it also makes the whole body cold.

Research explains that women are somehow having a low threshold for feeling cold as compared to men. At freezing temperatures, the blood vessels of women’s fingers are comparatively more constricted than men. This is the reason that they feel cold more easily than men.

Old people have a distinct smell

Sounds strange but it is true. To add into your knowledge, the middle-aged person also has a different smell and younger people smell differently. Older people, however, have a mild and pleasant smell. It is easy to differentiate from younger or middle-aged people.

Room temperature coffee tastes extremely bad

Believe it or not but the temperature of your coffee affects its taste. It is proven by research that our taste buds are highly sensitive to the food that matches our room temperature. It suggests that coffee tastes less bitter when it is hot.

On the other side, it tastes extremely bitter if it is somewhere near to your room temperature. Its odor influences the drinker too. So the best coffee that tastes and smells nice is always hot. Once it gets cold, it’s not the same coffee that every one of us loves.

Waking up in middle of the night to pee is normal

This question may make you a little embarrassed to ask for but this is something very normal. The answer to this question is just plain biology. The neurons inside the gut are responsible for colon contractions that are how it pushes out waste. The body’s internal clock is activated with light around and makes you feel sleepy when it is dark.

Though most of the people don’t feel this urge to empty their colon in the middle of the night. But the bladder has a limited capacity to hold urine. If kidneys are producing more urine than bladder’s capacity, you must get up for excreting it.

Normally you sleep for 6-8 hours without feeling the urge to urinate. But if your water intake is high, you may wake up in the night to use the bathroom frequently. Some medical conditions and medicines also contribute to it.

The image is taken from “menshealth”

Fingerprints help to wick water off the fingers

Many experts believe that the function of fingerprints is to improve the grip but the recent studies tell that it doesn’t. In fact, it actually made it harder for us to hold flat or smooth surfaces. The latest studies believe that fingerprints are helpful to wick water off our fingers, adding to the skin’s stretchability.

This way it protects the skin from damage and prevents blisters and boils. Fingertips are also thought to improve our sense of touch. No two people in this world share the same fingerprints even the identical twins.

Joint ache shows a changing weather

This may be true for a number of reasons. For example, any change in a barometric reading indicates a weather change. In any case, it will directly affect your health. If the atmospheric pressure drops that it does before bad weather hits you, it may cause body tissues to expand. This expansion causes swelling and pain in joints.

This effect is light but those who are already suffering from conditions like arthritis or inflamed joints may feel a difference more.

Holding your breath ends hiccups

The best home remedies for hiccups mentions this holding breath technique. This is the most talked about a remedy for hiccups that may work. It is believed that if you don’t exhale carbon dioxide out and store it inside your body by holding breath, it will help to stop diaphragm spasm. This diaphragm spasm otherwise causes hiccups. But when your diaphragm contracts involuntarily, it forces a sudden inhale of air, stopped by epiglottis. This interaction gives hiccups its distinctive sound.

Stomach growling is not a disease

Stomach growling is as common as anything and no; it’s not a disease. This growling is the sound of your digestive juices churning when the stomach muscles contract. This is normal when the digestive system is preparing for food processing.

But if you aren’t eating anything, this stomach growling seems like a sign of starvation. To avoid these embarrassing sounds, eat small meals, 4-6 times a day.

stomach growling
The image is taken from “quora”

Feeling side stitches while you run

Sounds funny but its true. Often times when you are running, your diaphragm gets stretched, pulled or pounded. It feels like a sharp, stabbing pain that exactly radiates from the lower edge of your rib cage.

If you start feeling this pain while running, slow down and have some rest. If it is persistent, get it checked from a doctor as it may be indicating an underlying health condition.

Armpit sweat smell worst than total body sweat

That’s right, your armpit sweat smells worse than all possible body part’s sweat. It is because there are two types of sweat glands in the body. Most of them are located on the arms and legs. Both of these secrete sweat that is a mix of water and salt.

Interestingly, the glands in your armpits and groin also secrete oil. That’s a favorite of bacteria and these bacteria are the main cause behind this extra smell sweat.




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