Say No to Sky-High Heels!

Say No to Sky-High Heels!

Is there any girl who doesn’t love shopping in this 21st century? Obviously no! everyone is dying to get matching heels as soon as they get their hands on their newly bought clothes. No pair of clothing is completed with a matching pair of heels whether it is a formal pantsuit, gown, or any traditional dress.


Although the high heels are considered high in the fashion element, they are pushing you in the world of serious health conditions. They instantly make you feel glamorous, yet at the same time is also killing your back. These side effects can now not be ignored any longer.


During the festive seasons’ heels have become an essential element. Here is a list of 5 reasons you should avoid wearing heels. Start noting down the points.

1. Pressure on Knees

After wearing heels all of us try to walk straight, while on the other hand, your foot does not rotate on it own. Your knees are under a great pressure as the heels lack the shock absorbers in them. This leads to extreme pain in knees, also increase the chances of one developing osteoarthritis.

2. Lower Back Pain

If you think that your lower back pain the next morning was because of your drunkyard dancing, then note down it is not the reason you should be blaming. The actual culprit behind the pain is your sky-high heels. The high heels cause uneven weight distribution giving intense pressure on the lower back which in turn causes shooting pain.

3. Foot Pain

Before wearing heels for the whole day long, well make sure you remember all the consequences of it. Till night one will experience extreme pain in their sole and heel if the person is having an idea of wearing their heels all day long.

4. Effect on Brain

The shape of the footwear highly depicts the blood flow in the person body. Thus the pointed shape of heels constricts the blood flow in your blood vessels especially the veins. In some of the cases, this can lead one migraine and broken blood vessels.

5. Ingrown Nails

If you have ever taken some time from your busy life, you must have observed your rough square foot as compared to the pointed shape heels. This blame also goes to your sky-high heels as they put your phalanges under great pressure resulting in grown of nails.

What to do Now?

If you are among those people who are addicted to these sky-high heels, then you need to slowly switch on to some comfortable footwear for doing your everyday errands. Try to reserve these heels for some special occasions and find a footwear which can keep you comfortable as well as make you feel glamorous at the same time.

There is no need to compromise on your fashion style. There are hundreds of dressy flat for women which can make you stay as the fashion diva, with also the support of comfort.

If still you are not ready or there is some reason you can not trade your heels with a flat then try adding some pads to your heels. For some people leaving heels is as difficult as compromising on the length of their attire. Placing pads is one of the best options as it will help in decreasing the pressure on your knee while also protecting you from developing osteoarthritis.

Hilary Jensen

Hilary is a Food Science and Nutrition graduate with specialization in diet planning and weight loss. She enjoys reading and writing on Food, Nutrition, Diet, Weight Loss, and General Health.

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